One of my favorite things to do each year is make new no-sew felt tree skirts. They’re super easy and fun to make and don’t require any skills except being able to use scissors and glue.

You can see past tutorials with measurements and instructions here and here, and my latest space age themed one here.

For my main tree (the pink tree) I wanted to bring in colorful shapes based on a vintage Christmas cards I fell in love with. DIY No-Sew Felt Mid-Century Inspired Tree Skirttreeskirt.png

I used the images to create templates and then used my Cricut to cut out the shapes, but you can totally use scissors!

DIY No-Sew Mid-Century Inspired Felt Tree Skirt

And there it is! Go ahead and play with sizing and adding some other little embellishments to make it your own design!

Be sure to tag @melodrama or #krysmasgram on Instagram to show me what you made!




11 responses to “DIY Mid-Century Inspired Felt No-Sew Tree Skirt”

  1. Peggy A Muldowney Avatar
    Peggy A Muldowney

    I live your ideas, thank you.

    1. shirley Avatar

      I love love this. Cutest ever.

  2. Sam Avatar

    Would you be able to wash this? I have an idea myself, but would want it to last. (thinking of having kids around or pets)

  3. Jackie Avatar

    Great rooms at your home. You are so creative. I wish I had your abilities


  4. Kathy R Avatar
    Kathy R

    So simple and easy and decorator quailty design!

  5. Mary Faith Aucoin Avatar
    Mary Faith Aucoin

    Adorable, where did you find vintage christmas cards?

  6. Simone Renee Funk-Hayes Avatar
    Simone Renee Funk-Hayes

    What size is this Felt tree skirt? What is the Poms on the trim?

  7. Simone Renee Funk-Hayes Avatar
    Simone Renee Funk-Hayes

    What size is this Felt tree skirt? What is the size of the PomPoms on the trim?

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