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2 responses to “Disclaimers”

  1. Cathy Avatar

    Hello Krys! Looking for the template to make the mid-mod Putz houses. Love these! My home was built in 1952 so I’m a fan of the era – and it’s so fun to collect and create what I need to make it my own. My favorite items – a few lamps purchased from the Restore for $1 each. No one else wanted them!!

  2. Lissette Avatar

    Ps I just continued reading this post and now know you get exactly what type of holiday blues I mean… I am so sorry for your loss. My dad used to decorate for Christmas and would make it really beautiful but in that traditional ( elegant) way. Several years after his death my sister and I were at a show on the LES. It was Christmas and I was sad and suddenly the band came on and they’d strung these kitschy Santa lights behind the drummer.. they were so tacky 50s/60s Spanish Harlem and I suddenly felt something burst in my chest and felt truly happy for the first time since his death. Ever since these are the only types of holiday decorations that don’t bring me down.
    THANKS, good luck and I amend my previous ”Happy Christmas!” closing to have a very healthy Christmas…

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