About & Disclosures

Hello there! I’m Krys. I love Netflix binges, Buddy Holly, and the sound of dogs snoring.
Melodrama started in 2011 after I decided to take a hiatus from my 5 year stint as a wedding photographer. After much persuasion I started blogging about my every day adventures in DIY and decorating my apartment. Shortly after, I began incorporating my other varied interests, like food, travel, and cocktails.  After seeing how I could successfully share all of the things I love in one collective space, I officially fell in love with blogging.
My goal here is simple: I want to share all of the things and places that I think are awesome, and I want to bring you projects that translate into real life and don’t just look good in an Instagram photo. 
Contact Info:
 Sponsorships: Please contact me for sponsorship rates. I’d love to partner with you! 
 Press: Check out the press page to see where I’ve been featured and contact me if you’d like to feature any of the projects you’ve seen here. 
Disclosures and disclaimers:
All original images and content copyright: Krys Melo
All subject matter and views are personal. Projects should be recreated at your own risk. 
Product samples are accepted but reviews are not guaranteed. Contact for mailing address.
The owner(s) of this site may receive compensation from links affiliated with companies and sponsors.
Only honest opinions are given about the companies, products, and destinations featured, regardless of whether they are complimentary or affiliated. I’m not THAT much of a sellout. 

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