It’s that time again! Christmas time! I love this time of year. No matter what is going on in life, good or bad, decorating my Christmas tree always cheers me up. This year we switched things up a bit and used our fake pink tree instead of trying to find a natural, flocked one here in the desert. We even got a rotating stand so the whole thing spins!

I badly needed a new tree skirt since my last DIY one got ruined during our move. Wahhh.


I used the same tutorial and materials as my previous no-sew felt Christmas tree skirt (pictured above), and put a different spin on it.

First you need a couple yards of 72″ felt. Then you make a circle in your desired size. I explain this in more detail

Then use pieces of felt in various colors to create curved rhombus shapes that were popular in the 50s and 60s.

Mid-century inspired tree skirtLike so!Mid-century inspired tree skirt made with felt

Then just simply use fabric glue to adhere them to the felt skirt in whatever pattern you desire.

Mid-century inspired tree skirt DIY

And there you have it! A quick and easy DIY tree skirt for your retro tree.

DIY Mid-century inspired Christmas tree skirt

Happy tree trimming!


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7 responses to “DIY No-Sew Mid-Century Inspired Christmas Tree Skirt”

  1. Labois Avatar

    Ohh! I love this christmas tree, eveything in pink, so sabbychic 😉 It’s a original way to decorate for christmas. I would like to eat a cupcake in this living room 😀

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  4. Lissette Avatar

    I love everything here! Thank you for the DIY tree skirt info…
    Given your passion for Christmas decorating, Im hoping you might have some suggestions to help with mine…

    The only way I can avoid the holiday blues is surrounding myself similarly: fun, non traditional Christmas colors with as many MCM touches/ pieces as possible without it starting to feel like we’re living on a movie set… Problem is, a generous, well-meaning family member gave us a beautiful artificial natural looking (green) tree last year. It’s pretty but hardly makes me happy like my white or pink one did. In keeping with the spirit of Christmas I’ve decided to use it again this year to keep from hurting her feelings. That said, I already feel the lifeless, frozen, soon-to-be-maniacal phony smile plastered on my face. How can I make the tree feel like the ones we love? Is there anything I can do besides the right colored ornaments?
    Thanks and happy Christmas !

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