DIY: Mid-Century Googie Style Glass Mugs

Sometimes I find myself perusing the tablewares section for things I totally don’t need but always end up buying anyway. One of my most recent unnecessary purchases were these little 69 cent glass mugs from IKEA. I figured I could use them for something or another, and I thought the shape was pretty cool, but I thought they needed something to jazz them up. I decided to give them a midcentury, googie style makeover using craft paint and painters tape.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

First I found some midcentury style clip art and printed it so I could make my stencil. I used an exacto knife to cut the shapes into painters tape.

DIY Glass Painting

Then I applied the tape to the glass in a random pattern.DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

I used a screen printing method to apply the paint. This is where you put on a drop of paint and use a squeegee to drag it across and fill in the stencil to create a smooth finish. You can use a sponge or brush, too, but it probably won’t have as smooth of a finish.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

Make sure to remove the tape before the paint dries. Otherwise the tape will take the paint off with it.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs

Let the paint dry for about an hour and then place into a cool oven and set the heat to 350 degrees. Let bake for 30 minutes and then shut the oven off. Let the glass cool in the oven and then remove. The paint will be cured and washable.

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs

Pretty neat looking cups for 70 cents, huh?

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs


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