Easy Mid-Century Inspired Pink Front Door Makeover

Just a quick update on Melodramaville today! I painted our front door a peachy pink (Peach Punch by Valspar to be exact) and added some trim molding for a little architectural detail. 

Here’s what I started with:

A basic white door. I originally wanted to do something with more diamond shapes, but I found out while measuring for them that A) math is hard, and B) my doorbell and peephole are about an inch and a half off center. Pink Door MakeoverI compromised with one diamond in the middle and I actually prefer the simplicity of it now, so it worked out. Mid-Century DIY Pink Door with MoldingI didn’t have the proper tools so the molding was a pain to cut, but I made it work. I just used basic trim from the hardware store. It’s something like $3 for an 8ft piece. I used heavy duty double stick mounting tape on the backs of the pieces to adhere it to the door. I rent so tape was the best and easiest solution and it’s holding up great so far.DIY Mid-Century Inspired Door Trim
I love the color it brings to this corner! Oh and it’s the same pink I used on this IKEA Hack bar cabinet which is right across from the door so it all ties together well. Mid-Century Pink Front Door with MoldingJust a few more things to finish up in here until it’s all done!

Yellow French Provincial Mirror Makeover

Something I do when I’m decorating a room is try to use what I already have. I’ve had this mirror in my dining room for a couple of years and when I decided to redecorate I thought about where I could use it rather than get rid of it. I got it for $20 on Craigslist and although it isn’t actually a pricey antique, it’s still a good deal for such a solid and large piece.

Originally it was painted an antique gold finish but that didn’t fit into my decor scheme at the time. To remedy that I did a silver metallic faux finish on it.


I decided its new home needed to be in my living room above my fireplace and also wanted it to be a pop of color. I looked through all my spare paints and decided on a cheerful yellow. All I had to do was brush on some white primer, then a few coats of yellow paint, then a coat of clear polyurethane to give it a glossy, candy-coated finish.IMG_2572


I think it gives the wall a nice, bright feeling and ties in with the rest of the colors in the room. The best part is I spend no money because I already had all the materials! Yay! One project down…lots more to go.


DIY Painted Wish Bone Thanksgiving Plates | 12 Months of Martha

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s time to get cracking on finalizing your table setting details. For me Thanksgiving is the one time, besides weddings I guess, where a proper table setting is an absolute must have. I mean think about it, the entire holiday basically revolves around food and gathering around a dinner table. Your dishes need to be on point.

DIY Wish Bone Painted Plates 6If you want to add some flair to your holiday table, but don’t want to go out and spend loads of cash on new plates, here’s a fun project for you.

DIY Thanksgiving Wish Bone Plates #12monthsofmarthaPainted wish bone plates!

You’ll need:
Printer and paper
Basic clear glass plates (I used 7 3/4 inch dessert plates)
Craft Paint (I like Martha Stewart Crafts, it’s oven curable)
Gloss Finish Decoupage Medium

Here’s what you do:

First you need your wish bone shape. You can print the ones I used here. This is scaled to fit 7 3/4 inch dessert plates, but if you want to do larger plates, just scale the image to your desired size. Print and cut out the wish bone shape and use decoupage medium to adhere it to the back of your plate. Cover with another thin layer of decoupage and let dry.

DIY Thanksgiving Wish Bone Plates #12monthsofmarthaDIY Thanksgiving Wish Bone Plates #12monthsofmarthaNext, paint over the wish bone and the entire back of the plate. Do a few layers, letting dry between coats. To cure the paint, bake plates at 350 degrees  fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Turn your oven off and let the plate cool inside of the oven before removing it.

DIY Wish Bone Painted Plates 3Lastly, to get everything really sealed in, cover the entire back of the plate with gloss decoupage medium and let dry for several hours.

DIY Thanksgiving Wish Bone Plates #12monthsofmarthaNow you have adorable, custom plates that are safe to eat on and totally washable!

DIY Decor: Mid-Century Inspired Dining Room Wall Stencil [Part 1]

I’d grown really bored of having plain greige walls in my dining room for awhile now and wanted to add something a little more interesting to the small space. First, I painted my front door a bright shade of coral, but that just made the actual walls feel even more boring.

Since I rent and can’t exactly put up wallpaper, so I had to rely on paint or decals. I didn’t want to paint the entire room a different color so I decided to try stenciling. I had trouble finding a design that suited my style, until I found Cutting Edge Stencils.

It was hard to choose, but I went with the Beads Allover pattern. It has the mid-century vibe that I needed to pull together the style of my home. I could have gotten fancy with different colors of paint, but I just went with standard black so the rest of the colors I plan on bringing into the room will pop.

I was nervous, but I’m happy to report that these stencils are amazing and easy to use. You just tape the stencil to the wall and roll your paint right over it. You can the look of wallpaper, but the ease of being able to just paint right over it.

Wall stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils via Melodrama

Wall Stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils via Melodrama

I was done in a jiffy! No more boring wall.

Mid-century inspired stenciled wall via Melodrama

Tada! I love it so much I’ve decided to continue it all around the room! Stay tuned for part 2 of my stenciling extravaganza.

DIY: Stenciled “Welcome To The Shit Show” Door Mat

I’ve been in need of a new welcome mat for like a year now, but I haven’t found the right one that I loved enough to invest in. Luckily I spotted these colorful and inexpensive door mats at IKEA. I knew I could probably stencil my own design onto it, and for $8 I really had nothing to lose. It turned out perfectly and it’s totally me.

I couldn’t think of a more (in)appropriate way to welcome guests into my home than with “Welcome to the shit show”. There always ends up being something weird or unexpected happening when we have people over, so this is basically a fair warning of what you’re getting into when you come over.

DIY Stenciled Welcome MatTo make this happen, I had to first make a stencil. I printed my letters out and then used an exacto knife to cut the letters out of pieces of card stock.

DIY Stenciled Welcome Mat Tutorial

DIY Stenciled Welcome Mat TutoriallI repeated a letter in the beginning of each new stencil so I could align it with the last letter stenciled. That way everything would be in line properly.

After I decided where I wanted the stencils to go, I just taped them to the mat and used a sponge to put regular craft paint on.

DIY Stenciled Welcome Mat TutorialKeep the details of the letters by leaving pieces of them connected, you can fill them in later.

DIY Stenciled Welcome Mat TutorialUse a small brush to fill in any spots and do any touch ups that are needed. After it dries a bit you can use a small pair of scissors to clip away any mistakes and sharpen up the lettering.

DIY Stenciled Welcome Mat TutorialLet it dry over night before putting it out. I don’t know how well the paint will hold up to being stepped on, but I can always go back and do touch ups, so I’m not worried about it.

DIY Stenciled Welcome Mat

DIY Stenciled Welcome Mat

DIY: Mid-Century Googie Style Glass Mugs

Sometimes I find myself perusing the tablewares section for things I totally don’t need but always end up buying anyway. One of my most recent unnecessary purchases were these little 69 cent glass mugs from IKEA. I figured I could use them for something or another, and I thought the shape was pretty cool, but I thought they needed something to jazz them up. I decided to give them a midcentury, googie style makeover using craft paint and painters tape.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

First I found some midcentury style clip art and printed it so I could make my stencil. I used an exacto knife to cut the shapes into painters tape.

DIY Glass Painting

Then I applied the tape to the glass in a random pattern.DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

I used a screen printing method to apply the paint. This is where you put on a drop of paint and use a squeegee to drag it across and fill in the stencil to create a smooth finish. You can use a sponge or brush, too, but it probably won’t have as smooth of a finish.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

Make sure to remove the tape before the paint dries. Otherwise the tape will take the paint off with it.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs

Let the paint dry for about an hour and then place into a cool oven and set the heat to 350 degrees. Let bake for 30 minutes and then shut the oven off. Let the glass cool in the oven and then remove. The paint will be cured and washable.

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs

Pretty neat looking cups for 70 cents, huh?

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs

DIY: St. Patricks Day Coasters and Party Garland

I’m no expert on the subject, but what I do know about Saint Patricks Day is that you need a lot of green, shamrocks, and beer. If you’re planning on throwing a St. Patty’s Day shindig, you’re probably going to need coasters for all of the pints of beer that are going to be making their way around your house. Water rings are the worst! Is that just the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever said? Whatever. They totally are.

These round fiberboard coasters are my favorite because they’re like $8 for 50 of them on Amazon, and you can customize them and make them as cute as you want. Obviously I went with green and gold shamrocks for St Patricks Day.

I used my Martha Stewart stencil and paints and just stenciled my little heart out.

Stenciled Shamrock Coasters #12MonthsofMarthaThat’s seriously all there is to it for the coasters! Just stencil it with a foam pouncer or paint brush, let dry, and then try not to be the crazy host handing coasters out at every turn.

Stenciled Shamrock Coasters #12MonthsofMarthaIf you get carried away and make too many, no worries, my darlings…

DIY St Patricks Day Shamrock Garland #12MonthsofMarthaJust string them together with twine to make shamrock garland! All the cool kids are doing it.

DIY St Patricks Day Shamrock Garland #12MonthsofMarthaI used an upholstery needle and poked it right through the coaster and then pulled my twine through each one. Done and done.

DIY St Patricks Day Shamrock Garland



DIY: Decorative Tray Made From A Picture Frame

If you’re horrible like me and need as much help as you can get keeping things organized, you can probably benefit from something like a vanity tray. These help keep all your odds and ends looking tidy by giving them a designated space to lay on. They’re super helpful on dressing tables, bathroom countertops, and even coffee tables to hold remotes and whatever you usually have laying around. Since I’m the worst and messiest person while I’m getting ready, I’m going to use mine to hold jewelry and other stuff that basically lives on my dresser and never really gets put away.

I had one of those inexpensive, basic picture frames that we all seem to have (probably from IKEA, am I right?) so I had the idea of turning it into a tray. When I turned it over it was definitely deep enough to become one.

First you’re going to need to complete a couple of steps to make it actually look like a tray and not just a flipped over picture frame.

Take the back out of the frame. I’m talking about the cardboard part that has the little thing that makes it stand up.
Turn a modern picture frame into a vanity trayThen remove whatever little thingies that held in place. It’ll be little pieces of metal or staples usually. Fill and paint whatever holes and joints are showing on the frame.

Make a vanity tray out of a basic picture frame

Now you’re going to remove the actual piece that makes the frame stand up. Keep the cardboard back. It’s going to be the bottom of your tray.

Turn a basic picture frame into a decorative vanity tray

Now it’s the fun part! You can do this a couple of ways really. You can use decorative paper, you can use a photo collage, or you can paint your own design like I did. I wanted a colorful abstract design on mine.

I gathered all necessary materials and got down to creating my design. I painted the cardboard piece white so it was a blank canvas.

Abstract Art used for DIY vanity trayI used several different colors in a random pattern and then applied the gold leaf.

Abstract art used for DIY vanity trayAlmost done. Assembly time! Put the cardboard into the frame. The frame is technically upside down at this point. Put your design right side up. Place the glass over it.

DIY Decorative tray made from a basic picture frame

Now put stuff on it.

DIY Decorative Tray made from a basic picture frame

See, for all intents and purposes, it’s a tray!

DIY decorative tray made from a basic picture frame

You can change the design any time you want by either painting over it or using decorative paper under the glass.

DIY decorative tray made from a basic picture frame

Use it where ever you may need things to look a little more organized.

DIY Decorative tray made from a basic picture frame






DIY: Marbled Christmas Ornaments

It’s Christmastime!!! I’m so excited.

I had the brilliant idea to change our Christmas tree theme and colors this year. Our past theme didn’t quite fit with the style of our apartment so it was kind of clashing and annoying me. Black, white, gold, and silver are basically my favorite colors and would totally fit in with my decor. I also wanted a glam and semi-retro vibe. Luckily we found some appropriate vintage ornaments during a flea market trip, and I think maybe Target read my mind (or tweets) because they have a bunch of black and gold stuff out in their Christmas section right now.

But even after all of that I had more space to fill on the tree, so I got out my paints and a pack of clear ornaments and got to work on marbling.

These are super easy and you can use any color combo you want. I used black and white because duh.

First, you have to take the top off of the ornament since you’re going to be painting the inside. Then, drop a few drops of each color into the opening. The paint immediately starts to swirl together and you’ll begin to see the effect. Be patient and let the paint flow all around the sides by moving the ornament around.

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments



The paint flow will begin to slow down as it covers the ornament. If you want to walk away just put something on the sides to hold the ornament in place so the paint can flow down the sides. Gravity or whatever.

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments


Then tip it over and let all of the excess paint drip out . It’ll marble even more during this step.

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments


Once all of the excess paint is out and the inside is dry you can put the top back on and hang it on the tree.

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments






DIY: Hand Painted Wooden Spoons

DIY Hand Painted Wooden Spoons

Sometimes I go shopping because I need something simple for the kitchen, like a pot holder or napkins, and I then I find myself getting frustrated because either everything is totally not what I’m looking for or just plain meh. Like these wooden spoons from IKEA. Borrring zzzzz. Cheap, but snoooozefest. I’ve seen cute wooden spoons in stores before, usually for like a million dollars, or at least more than I’ve been willing to spend on them. I knew I could totally DIY what I had in mind, so I did what any crafty betch would do…


I dug into my collection of Martha Stewart Crafts products and grabbed my gold leaf pen.

This is so basic, you guys. Just tape off the handle and start painting however you want!


I used Martha Stewart Craft paint in Camellia Pink and Wedding Cake white, Krylon gold leaf pen, and a good two coats of Martha Stewart’s high gloss decoupage to seal it all in. Just let dry thoroughly between coats. This decoupage is dishwasher safe and non-toxic so it’s perfect for kitcheware projects like this!

Hand Painted Wooden Spoons

Hand Painted Wooden Spoons Hand Painted Wooden SpoonsEasy peasy! Now you never have to let your serving and cooking spoons be boring again. Yay!