If you want to be the Halloween hostess with the mostest, you need this Ouija board tray to serve your guests their cocktails and treats. Also, maybe conjure some spirits while you’re at it. Just kiddingggg…kind of.

You can find basic serving trays like this at most stores that sell home goods. I got mine at IKEA.

klack-tray__15449_PE082139_S4I wanted to use a classically creepy image and the Ouija board is one of the most iconic things I could think of. It works perfectly for this. I searched for the right image and decided on the William Fuld/Parker Brothers version. This is the image I associate most with the Ouija, and I like the cheekiness of the Parker Brothers name being on there. What a fun toy…and not satanic at all…it’s Parker Brothers!

oujia board
Click to download full size image.

Above is the image I used for my tray. For it to fit I had it printed at 24 x 18 on heavy paper. You can crop and resize it to fit the size of your tray and then take it to your local print shop. I went to FedEx Office.

DIY OUIJA BOARD TRAYFirst, I painted the tray black and then I cut out my Ouija image to fit in the bottom of the tray. I used Mod Podge in a matte finish to stick and seal the image on. Easy!

DIY OUIJA BOARD TRAYIt looks legit right? I just hope the wine glasses don’t start moving over the letters to spell things out. Although, I’m sure if I drink enough wine it’ll look like that anyway.



9 responses to “DIY: Ouija Board Serving Tray”

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  2. Samantha Johnson Avatar

    Hi! I was hoping you could repost the link for the Ouija board image. It no longer shows up and I really would like to make this tray for Halloween. Thanks!

    1. Krys Avatar

      Thanks for the heads up! It should be fixed now. If not, here’s a link that should work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/014tfn8mrx4i6e8/oujiaboardposterprint.jpg?dl=0

      1. Samantha Johnson Avatar

        Got it! Thank you! I will send a photo of my finished project!

  3. Stacia Avatar

    How do you get the image on with Mod Podge?

  4. ARG Avatar

    Does the cold, wet drinks or spills ruin the image on the tray? And I’m not familiar with mod podge, so is it like an epoxy resin or something?

  5. Judy Avatar

    What did you use to paint the tray black?

  6. Lea Avatar

    Hello there! I absolutely love your DIY Ouija tray! Unfortunately the dropbox link seems to be broken again.. Could you maybe upload it one more time? That would be sooo great! I already got the Ikea tray and am ready for some DIY action ;D Thank you so much! Lea from Germany

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