Here’s a quick little holiday entertaining craft idea. Little felt mistletoes you can tie on to your glass stems. Cute right? So festive. Bonus: You can hold your drink over your head and people will make out with you. (At least that’s my plan!)

DIY Mistletoe Glass Stem Decorations

Anywayyy I’m terrible and didn’t take pics of the steps but I think you get the idea.

You’ll need:
Green felt
Small white felt balls
Craft glue
String or twine
Small scissors

Just cut out little mistletoe leaf shapes. They’re kind of oval with long stems. Next glue the white balls onto the leaves. Then bunch them together by the ends and tie them up using twine or string. Tie them securely to glass stems.

Pro tip: Use them in other areas of your home or as a fun gift detail to add to your gift wrapping.



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