Home Decor: New and Improved Dining Banquette Ikea Hack

You guys, I have slacked on updates for you. I am the worst. Remember that banquette I made awhile back (last year)? Remember how I wanted a different fabric and planned on changing it? Yeah I changed it…like…forever ago. The new canvas goes so much better with my original vision inspired by my favorite cafés in Paris and my own personal style. I’m hoping to score some new furniture and accessories for the new look too.


Striped DIY Banquette-Ikea Hack

DIY Banquette Seat Ikea Hack DIY Banquette Ikea Hack

Ikea Hack Dining Banquette

I got this fabric at Ikea for $8/yard. It was fantastic to work with and is exactly what I originally intended for this piece.

Head over to the original tutorial for instructions on how I hacked this Ikea Expedit bookcase.

8 thoughts on “Home Decor: New and Improved Dining Banquette Ikea Hack

  1. How many yards did you use on the backboard? I want to do a different fabric on the seating cushion so I’m not sure how much of each fabric I order. Thanks!

  2. .Love your idea for the bench, this could also work ins a mudroom without the headboard. I also love the mirror, but I’m sure it was once gold and want to know how you made it silver. I have an old one from my Mom but the gold doesn’t go with my décor and would really like to make it silver without ruining it.

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