I can’t believe it finally happened. We bought our first house! I could get really sentimental and wordy about how weird and bittersweet this is, but I’ll save it for therapy! Or instagram stories ;)! Anyway ya, a whole house.

Here’s a couple of quick little tidbits! The house was finished in 1958 and originally owned by a well-known Hollywood agent. All of the surrounding homes were owned by famous names in the entertainment industry as well, which I imagine made an interesting group of neighbors. The style and concept of the community (designed by architect William Krisel) is unique and well preserved thanks to a historical designation. So excited to be a part of it!

It’s going to be awhile before we can do any big projects, but hopefully we can start knocking some of the cosmetic stuff out soon. I have plans to strip a lotttt of paint.

Stay tuned! And be sure to follow on IG for more frequent in between updates..


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