Ok, you guys, I finally added some finishing touches to my bathroom. When I last posted about my peel and stick wallpaper I still needed a window treatment and some art.

How to install peel and stick Tempaper wall paper in a bathroom (7)

I ended up making my own valance with white fabric dyed with Rit. I used a half and half mixture of Rit’s Petal Pink and Rose Quartz, with a tiny bit of golden yellow to get the right shade of coral-y pink. I love the warm glow it adds to the bathroom.Vintage Pink and Palm Bathroom The flamingo shower curtain is from Target, the cute little piña colada girl print is from Ann Shen, ANNND the final detail is pink Renova toilet paper! Vintage style Pink and Palm Bathroom

When I posted these pictures on Instagram the pink toilet paper got a lot of questions. I love this toilet paper. Besides the color (they have several options and word is Beyonce uses the red) it’s amazing. It’s 3-ply and super strong so a little goes a long way, and it’s lightly perfumed. I did my research before I bought my first pack because I remembered some issue with colored toilet paper in the 80s, but Renova has been a trusted brand in Europe for years and is safe for water systems and dermatologist/gynecologist tested.

Anyway, enough toilet talk! Stay tuned for more #Melodramaville updates. Xx


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5 responses to “Bathroom Update – DIY Dyed Curtain Valance, Art, and Pink Toilet Paper”

  1. Christine Avatar

    LOVE IT! Did you just put the whole valance in the dye bath? and certain parts took up dye differently. I love those colors, too. I have a lot of pink and green accessories or knit it up with yarn.

    1. Krys Avatar

      Thank you! I dyed the entire curtain, but the light coming through makes it look like the hemmed parts are darker.

      1. Christine Avatar

        Ok..got it!

  2. Friday Links - The Crafted Life Avatar

    […] – Major bathroom goals […]

  3. B. Avatar

    You’re so creative! I’m getting major vacation in Palm Springs vibes 👌🏾

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