Here’s a halloween project that’s a departure from your standard pumpkin carving and painting. Dip dye those basic foam pumpkins for a dose of color that can be displayed for the whole fall season!

Pop by your local craft store (or second hand store) and grab some white faux pumpkins and Rit dye. I used foam, but with this kind of Rit dye for synthetics, plastic would work too.

Mix about half a bottle of Rit DyeMore for synthetics with a few gallons of very hot (almost boiling) water. Carefully submerge the pumpkins for a few seconds at a time until your desired color saturation is reached. Have fun layering and mixing colors. Leave them as is, or use other embellishments. The best part is they can be saved and used every year.

Happy Halloween!

+This post was sponsored by Rit Dye. Click here for more detailed instructions.+


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