Mid-Century Inspired Custom Dyed Dining Room Accessories| Rit’s 100 Year Celebration

If you’ve been following the blog over the years you will know that I LOOOOVE to use dye to transform home decor. I’ve dyed curtains, rugs, bedding, and even my sofa! My go-to dye has always been Rit because it’s inexpensive and easily accessible. Luckily Rit heard about what a fan I am and asked me to be one of this year’s brand ambassadors so stay tuned for more projects!

This year is special because it’s Rit’s 100 year anniversary! To celebrate we teamed up to recreate one of their adorable vintage ads from 1962. This project was especially fun for me since I’m obsessed with mid-century advertisements and even keep a collection of them for inspiration.RitDye62

I picked this one because the dining room set up reminded me a lot of my own, particularly the top right corner version. I already planned on dyeing curtains to match my artwork, so I went all-in and dyed a tablecloth and cloth napkins as well. Mid-century Inpired Dye Projects.jpg

For the vibrant pink tablecloth and curtain I used a 50/50 mix of Rose Quartz and Petal Pink, and for the orange napkins I used a 50/50 mixture of Tangerine and Golden Yellow. Custom dyed tablecloth and napkins with Rit products.jpgI just mixed those up with hot water and a little dish soap right in my sink basin. I then soaked them in Rit’s dye fixative and rinsed with cold water. Easy peasy!

Mid-century inspired dining room accessores custom dyed with Rit dyesI love how everything ties together with the artwork and my vintage Burke chair pads. Now I just need to throw a little dinner party with a Jell-o salad and few cocktails ;).




6 thoughts on “Mid-Century Inspired Custom Dyed Dining Room Accessories| Rit’s 100 Year Celebration

  1. Omg! I love this! I’m thinking of getting a round table for our kitchen from Ikea because we have such a small eat-in area. Where is your table from?

  2. I LURVVV MCM! how do you get your Rit dye to dye evenly? I admit, I haven’t dyed anything other than wool with Rit for decades, so maybe the formulation is different now.

    1. The liquid formula helps A TON! I lightly wash everything in soapy water and add it to the dye bath wet that way it doesn’t absorb too quickly into any particular spot. I add a little dish soap to the mix too, for some reason it seems to help. Then I just make sure it’s all evenly submerged and stir it around every few minutes until my ideal color saturation is achieved. I haven’t tried to dye anything in my washing machine yet, I stick to the sink and bathtub for more control over the situation if you get what I mean haha. I use the dye remover liquid to clean up the tub and sink if needed. I hope this helps!!

      1. Yes it does! And you’re right there wasn’t any liquid Rit years ago when I used to do it.
        The dish soap makes absolute sense! It “wets” the material/dye interface better and probably helps the molecules to stay in solution evenly ( ie, sliding around lol ; sorry, chemist here but not soap chemistry 😜)

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