Here’s an easy, inexpensive, and renter-friendly way to add a little pizazz to plain bi-folding closet doors.

When I moved into this newly renovated 1960’s apartment it was a blank white canvas, and I’ve been trying to find temporary and inexpensive ways to add doses of my personal style where I can.

As you can see, there wasn’t much character in here. Even after doing wallpaper and decorating the room, those closet doors needed help!

I thought about adding some kind of moulding, but I didn’t want to add weight or texture. I wanted something metallic to go with the wallpaper! Something inspired by brass inlays! That’s when I found metallic mylar tape*. Much easier, and much more renter-friendly than moulding.

All you have to do is just run the (very forgiving) foil tape between each center point where you want your points to meet, smooth it down, trim it with a blade, and you’re done! And if you hate it, it comes right off with no damage to the underlying paint.

I added vintage starburst knobs, which is another fun way to add a vintage touch to an otherwise stale door.

And there you go. Hope this helped solve some plain bi-fold door problems! Bye for now!



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    Suzy Rojas

    I love this, I had missed your emails 🙂

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