MidCentury House Gingerbread Cookie Template

This holiday season I have learned an important lesson. I have learned and accepted that I am not very good at decorating cookies. I’m swell at baking them and they taste amazing, but when it comes to the fancy piping and frosting I am challenged.

Growing up in older neighborhoods of Southern California, especially the time capsule known as Palm Springs, I didn’t really get to see any houses that looked like traditional homes depicted in wintery Christmas scenes. This Christmas I wanted to create something that felt a little more familiar and “me”. MidCentury House Gingerbread Cookie TemplateThis was originally a concept I had for a gingerbread house but I thought they made perfectly fine gingerbread cookies and gave up on the other four walls. Can you blame me based on my questionable cookie decorating skills?

I still think the idea is cute and I bet you guys can do a really great job so here’s the template I used to create the cookies! Just use your favorite gingerbread and frosting recipes. Use a small knife to cut out the shapes and score the markings for the details. Throw some candies and sprinkes on if you want to get really fancy. Anyway, download templates here! Have fun and be sure to tag me on Instagram (@melodramablog) to show me what a great job you did.


4 responses to “Mid-Century Modern Ginger Bread House Cookies”

  1. Kristen Leigh Avatar
    Kristen Leigh

    These are super cute, and they actually inspired me to make a candy-colored gingerbread house this winter too! But I started eating it before I could get a good picture, haha…anyway One Lovely Blog Awards (posted on my blog)!

    1. Kristen Leigh Avatar
      Kristen Leigh

      *I nominated you for (sleep deprived person problems) 🙂

  2. rebekasoos Avatar

    OMG i love it! amazing idea

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