Internet Woes Solved with the Help of the eero Wifi System

I have to be honest, you guys, my husband and I both working from home isn’t always easy. Eero Work from HomeBetween me constantly barging into his office to show him cute animal videos and him complaining that the wifi is too slow or cutting out (probably from all the animal video watching), we tend to get a little annoyed with the situation at times.Eero home office .jpg

BUT at least we’ve found a solution to one of our problems! Thanks to the eero wifi system our internet troubles have been remedied.  Oh, and setup was a breeze!

Eero Work from Home Wifi.jpgNow we’re able to enjoy faster and less congested internet in every room. Even though we live in a two bedroom apartment weak connection from room to room was always an issue. Especially running two computers, streaming devices, and our phones.  This tri-band router is already 10x better than any other router we’ve had in the past, but the beacons are what makes this system special.

Eero Wifi Extender.jpgThe eero beacons easily plug in to outlets in whichever room you need a little internet signal boost. Even the kitchen! They’re portable and require no messy wiring. Just plug them right in. Bonus points, they double as nightlights. I don’t know much about the tech aspects, but I do know it’s working for us.

Eero wifi system.jpgMore bonus points for being pretty. From an aesthetic perspective I love the sleek white design. Traditional routers can be clunky and tricky to disguise, but the eero doesn’t need to be hidden. It’s almost undetectable and fits right in with any room. It really is the total package. Can more electronic devices be like this, please?

Are you ready to order yours yet? You can get free overnight shipping when you use the promo code “MELODRAMA”!


Thanks for sponsoring this post and creating an awesome solution to our internet woes, eero!






Home Decor: My Work Space And My Future Plans For It

Living in a one-bedroom apartment is challenging sometimes. Working from home is awesome and I love my apartment, but I won’t lie, it would be lot easier if I had a whole room to devote to projects. Some place where I can make a mess and have space to spread out. That’s not the case around here. Luckily I was able to carve out a little corner of my living room.

If you’re not so sure about where to set up shop in your own home, there’s always co-working companies like WeWork that have cool rental spaces where you can set up and function as a small company. There’s also the added benefit of networking.

Blogger from Melodrama's Current Work SpaceThis is where I work. I spend most of my day here. I write and edit photos in my favorite chair, craft and sew at my handy dandy gate leg table, and I store a whole bunch of stuff on those shelves and in the drawers. It really is about as functional as I can get in such a confined spot. My only problem is organization.

Craft Shelves

I have plans though! I’m going to give this space a little makeover. Since it’s in my living room, I need to make it look less random and more put together. I want to hide the spray cans and messy paint bottles.

Pegboard, hooks, and baskets are going to become part of this corner very soon. Fingers crossed it’ll solve some of my organizational problems!

craft organization

Stay tuned for the new and improved work space. Coming soon to a blog near you.