DIY: Decorative Tray Made From A Picture Frame

If you’re horrible like me and need as much help as you can get keeping things organized, you can probably benefit from something like a vanity tray. These help keep all your odds and ends looking tidy by giving them a designated space to lay on. They’re super helpful on dressing tables, bathroom countertops, and even coffee tables to hold remotes and whatever you usually have laying around. Since I’m the worst and messiest person while I’m getting ready, I’m going to use mine to hold jewelry and other stuff that basically lives on my dresser and never really gets put away.

I had one of those inexpensive, basic picture frames that we all seem to have (probably from IKEA, am I right?) so I had the idea of turning it into a tray. When I turned it over it was definitely deep enough to become one.

First you’re going to need to complete a couple of steps to make it actually look like a tray and not just a flipped over picture frame.

Take the back out of the frame. I’m talking about the cardboard part that has the little thing that makes it stand up.
Turn a modern picture frame into a vanity trayThen remove whatever little thingies that held in place. It’ll be little pieces of metal or staples usually. Fill and paint whatever holes and joints are showing on the frame.

Make a vanity tray out of a basic picture frame

Now you’re going to remove the actual piece that makes the frame stand up. Keep the cardboard back. It’s going to be the bottom of your tray.

Turn a basic picture frame into a decorative vanity tray

Now it’s the fun part! You can do this a couple of ways really. You can use decorative paper, you can use a photo collage, or you can paint your own design like I did. I wanted a colorful abstract design on mine.

I gathered all necessary materials and got down to creating my design. I painted the cardboard piece white so it was a blank canvas.

Abstract Art used for DIY vanity trayI used several different colors in a random pattern and then applied the gold leaf.

Abstract art used for DIY vanity trayAlmost done. Assembly time! Put the cardboard into the frame. The frame is technically upside down at this point. Put your design right side up. Place the glass over it.

DIY Decorative tray made from a basic picture frame

Now put stuff on it.

DIY Decorative Tray made from a basic picture frame

See, for all intents and purposes, it’s a tray!

DIY decorative tray made from a basic picture frame

You can change the design any time you want by either painting over it or using decorative paper under the glass.

DIY decorative tray made from a basic picture frame

Use it where ever you may need things to look a little more organized.

DIY Decorative tray made from a basic picture frame