Holiday Hostess Must-Haves 2013

holiday hostess must havesHosting a Friendsmas party is one the funnest things to do with your friends during the holidays. You get to dress up in sparkly dresses and wooly sweaters while playing inappropriate games and getting drunk on festive cocktails. You’ll probably do some cute Secret Santa or White Elephant game. But, if you want to be the hostess with the mostest you’re going to need everything on this list of must-haves.


The Ugly Sweater Oven Mitt – When you’re entertaining you have to look cute and play the part, right? You’ll probably be baking cookies and passing out  hors d’oeurves, but who wants to hide their cute festive manicure in an oven mitt all night long? Don’t worry, DCI has you covered. Their weird and slightly creepy “Ugly Sweater” oven mitt has a manicured and accessorized hand printed right on it so you won’t even miss yours. Everyone you know will get a kick out of this thing. They’ll probably even volunteer in the kitchen just so they can get a turn trying it on. It’s $15.00 at


The Housewives Tarot – Entertain and impress your guests with your talent for domestic divination! This adorable 1950’s themed recipe box tarot kit not only includes 78 tarot cards and instructions on how to interpret them, but also real recipes for things like “Divinated Eggs” and “Ice Box Fortune Cake” that you can serve to your guest during your party. The cards are printed on good quality card stock and built to last. Lift the lid and read some fortunes for the new year! Mine said I’m going to be rich when I grow up! Woo! Find it for $16.95 at

Shake Cocktail Book

Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails – Every good hostess should know how to booze their guests up. Am I right? If you’re new to crafting delicious cocktails, this is the book for you. Brought to us from the makers of The Mason Shaker, the book begins with Cocktail Crafting 101, which tells you everything from the how to pick the right glassware and ice to how to stock your bar and execute various mixing techniques. My favorite thing about this book is that it’s categorized by SEASONS. Genius. Who wants a summer drink at a winter party? Not me. In the winter chapter the authors show us 8 different drinks, including a winter margarita and their amazing recipe for Nog. All perfect for a holiday party. My favorite is the L Train because it has gin and lavender in it. You’ll want to try everything in his book, and BOY DO I PLAN TO (stay tuned). It’s also pretty enough to display on your bar table. Two very drunk thumbs up. $25.00 at


Salty Road Salt Water Taffy – You guys, I’m obsessed with Salty Road. And let me tell you, these make great gifts for your guests. The packaging is perfect and cute but what’s inside is even better. The BEST salt water taffy I’ve ever had. Every flavor is equally as addicting as the next. These taffies are perfect. Each piece has an AMAZING sea salt crunch and a perfectly creamy chew. Each flavor is true and distinct and makes your mouth water. I’ve made everyone I know try these and they all have the same reaction – “MMMMM WHOA MMMMMM” – and that’s actually the best way I could describe Salty Road. These make perfect stocking stuffers, too! $6.50 at

mini holiday candles

Bath & Body Works Mini Candles – Make your place smell like the holidays. Not only does scent trigger memories but it’s also perfect for creating ambiance. I put these mini candles in every corner of my apartment when people are over. The holiday collection from B&BW has everything from evergreens to fresh baked cookies. My current faves are Fresh Balsam, Holiday, and Tis the Season. They smell like Christmas in a jar. When burned together, it’s like magic. They’re $4.50 at Bath & Body Works

Stay tuned for more holiday gift guides this week!


Necessary Holiday Survival Gear 2013

Holiday Survival Must-Haves

The holidays are crazy with shopping, parties, cooking, and all that good stuff. Every year I find myself with a handful of must-have items that help make life easier. Here are some of my current favorites. They make great stocking stuffers too!


1. Batiste Dry Shampoo: Who has time to wash and blow-out their hair everyday when there is shopping to do and parties to go to? Batiste keeps your hair looking and feeling fresh and voluminous  between washes. I’ve tried a few other dry shampoos that left me looking like I was covered in wig powder. I was not a fan! This is, by far, the best dry shampoo I’ve tried and the only one I can stand. I’ve used it on 3rd and 4th day hair with success. Shake it up, spray it on, brush it through – you’re out the door. It comes in a variety of yummy scents and even comes in colors to disguise those stray grays! Definitely a must have time saver.

Skinny Girl Cami

2. Skinny Girl Everyday Cami: I love these things. Sometimes we need a little extra mid-section support but don’t feel like squeezing into a full body shaper. Am I right ladies? It’s called a cami but it’s really more like a tank, so there’s extra back and chest support too. Most of the time I don’t even wear a bra with it. It’s my favorite thing to wear under my winter sweaters. You know how you’re wearing a cute sweater and then you eat too much holiday goodies and you feel like your clothes are clinging to you? This is your remedy. It keeps everything feeling tight and right.

NYX Butter Gloss

3. NYX Butter Gloss: Winter chapped lips are the worrrrst. This medium coverage gloss keeps lips hydrated without making them too glossy. It feels creamy rather than sticky so it’s comfortable to wear all day. Paired with a matching lipliner, it gives really nice volume. It’s subtle enough to wear without any other makeup. My favorite shades are Tiramisu and Cherry Cheesecake.

Herban Essentials Wipes

4. Herban Essentials Wipes: It’s cold and flu season so everyone is grabbing for the hand sanitizer when there’s not a sink around. I’m grabbing for Herban Essentials Wipes. These antibacterial wipes are made with essential oils and smell AMAZING. I’m always worried about drying my hands out or the residues left by other wipes and sanitizers, but these don’t leave that gross sticky soapy residue like other hand wipes do. They’re versatile too. You can use them to clean your phone, remove makeup, repel bugs, and much much more. I keep a pack in my car and carry a couple around with me. They come in 8 different varieties so there’s something for everyone.

Foot Alignment Socks

5. Foot Alignment Socks: Ughhhh achy feet. Work, shop, bake, party. I think we’re on our feet a lot more during the holidays, and usually in our most uncomfortable (stylish) shoes. Nothing feels better than kicking those shoes off and putting our feet up. Want to know what makes it even better? These foot alignment socks. They’re designed to re-align your feet after wearing confining shoes all day, helping to prevent and remedy crooked toes and bunions. They come in 8 great colors and are a perfect gift for anyone you know that complains about foot pain.


6. Water Bobble: I am so bad at drinking enough water and I’m not one of those people that can drink straight from the sink. Yuck. Bottled water get expensive and who wants to put all that plastic into the environment? After suffering the effects of dehydration far too many times, I found a solution that helps me stay hydrated anywhere, any time. It’s the Bobble! It has a built in carbon filter so you can refill at any sink and instantly get tasty, filtered water. The cap keeps the top clean and loop can be attached to a belt or used as an easy-carry handle. It’s also BPA free, and free of Phthalates and PVC.

Definitely check out these must-haves to help you through your holi-daze!