DIY: Simple DIY Gold Canvas Wall Art

I feel like I’m never really done with my apartment. It’s forever evolving. When we moved in we mounted our television so we can have the dresser underneath free for lamps, frames, and all that good stuff. Something about it was bugging me though. I felt like the TV was just THERE. Just right there all alone in the middle of the wall taunting me. A big black electronic rectangle. So I went on a search for wall hangings to anchor it. I bought mirrors online but they were too small because the website totally lied. I searched and searched but couldn’t find the right pieces. Everything I found was either the wrong size or dumb or way too expensive. Honestly, a lot of it I felt like I could do myself. So I decided to. I knew I wanted something metallic and long  to compete with the TV and add height to the wall. I went to the craft store to get inspired and found that canvas was on sale. So I bought some and headed home to my drawer of paints.

DIY Gold Canvas Art

DIY Gold Canvas Art I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do so I hung the canvasses and tried to envision what I wanted. I came up with a simple modern gold design. I used my favorite champagne toned gold from Martha Stewart, because champagne is my favorite, obviously.

DIY Gold Canvas Art My “technique” was simple. I slapped some paint all over the top half of the canvas and then dragged the paint downward. I did about 4 coats to get the coverage and texture I wanted.

DIY Gold Canvas ArtI like that the look changes depending on how the light hits them. Sometimes they’re a deeper, warmer gold and sometimes they’re a shimmery, light, silvery gold.

DIY Gold Canvas ArtHere’s what they look like hung up next to the TV. Seriously, so much better. The wall looks less dumpy and more complete. The gold ties in with my bar cart and the hardware on the dresser. I like them. They’re staying.

DIY Gold Canvas Art

DIY: How I Stripped and Repainted This Vintage Dresser

I’m so happy this is done! I bought this vintage French style dresser years ago but finally took the weekend to finish it.

How to Repaint a DresserI couldn’t figure out if I wanted to do something funky and colorful or restore it to it’s original look. I decided to keep it simple and go with high gloss white with gold fixtures. It seemed like the previous owner tried to repaint it and did a crap job. The paint was peeling and bubbly. Yuck. I had to strip the old paint before repainting it so I could get a fresh smooth finish. Here’s how I did it all. First, you’ll need a dresser of course. You can find inexpensive dressers at thrift stores or Craigslist. That’s where I found this one for $20. Next, you’ll need the necessary tools.

Dresser Refinishing

Since I needed to strip the piece, I decided to go with heat over chemicals. I love stripping (and not just the naked kind). These inexpensive heat guns make the paint bubble and peel so you can easily scrape it off. I prefer this because I hate having to deal with chemical stripping.  It’s messy and takes too long. Plus it’s kind of rad to torch things. Anyway, for the paint I wanted a durable high-gloss finish, so I went with Glidden’s Trim & Door paint. It’s an oil based paint which is a pain to clean up and it stinks but sometimes it’s just necessary. This paint has an anti-drip gel texture that goes on and dries super smooth and glossy with one coat.

Heat stripping is serious business, guys. You have to be really careful because there are the obvious hazards of burns, injury,  fire, and loss of possessions. It’s easy though! Just heat the old paint until it bubbles and peels. Do it in a ventilated area or keep your windows and doors open so your fire alarm doesn’t scream at you like mine did. Oops. Then scrape it off and use a medium grit sandpaper to get the left over charring off and smooth it all out.

Heat stripping a dresser Heat stripping a dresser

Heat stripping dresser
I sanded it after this

After painting it with one coat and letting it dry over night I needed to address the hardware. I wanted to keep it original but cleaning and polishing with Brasso just wasn’t cutting it for me.

Repainting antique dresserI took the easy route and used a light coat of Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint on them. I lightly sprayed them to keep some of the vintage flaws for a more original, aged look.

Repainting a dresser

All done!

How to repaint a dresser

How to repaint a dresser

Refinished antique dresser