DIY: Tropical Retro Inspired Decoupage Easter Eggs

I’ve always loved decorating Easter eggs, and just because I’m a grown up doesn’t mean I can’t continue to partake in the fun. Every year I grab my Easter candy and a carton of eggs and get down to it. There are so many great ways to decorate Easter eggs. There’s the stinky vinegar dye, watercoloring, markers, glitter, the list goes on. Personally my favorite is decoupage. This method allows you to get really creative eggs, with very little effort.

Tropical Decoupage Easter Eggs

I’m always inspired by mid-century themes, so of course I went with that vibe for my Easter eggs.

Tropical Decoupage Easter Eggs

Here’s what you need: Decoupage medium, craft paint, images to cut out, and of course eggs. Stock photo sites and magazines are a great place to find images to cut out.

Paint or dye your eggs first, if you want. Then all you have to do is cut out your little images and use the decoupage medium to adhere them to your egg. Then apply another layer of decoupage medium over the top of it, let it dry, and that’s it!

Tropical Decoupage Easter Eggs

You can have a lot of fun with your designs by layering images to create your own motif or scene.

On one, I painted the egg to create the look of an umbrella and grass. Then I used cutouts of patio furniture and from vintage bathing suit patterns to create a summery scene. On another I layered cutouts of flamingos and leaves.

Tropical Decoupage Easter EggsOr you can just make a random pattern of images around the egg. Like palms, pineapples, sunglasses, and beach umbrellas.

Tropical Decoupage Easter Eggs

I loveeee how these turned out. I don’t want to throw them away! I should have blown the yolks out and not boiled them. Oh well, next time.

Tropical Decoupage Easter Eggs

I’d probably keep them out all year long if I could, but I’m sure the rotten smell and salmonella aren’t worth it. Boo. Tropical Decoupage Easter Eggs

I hope all of you have a stupendous Easter, and I hope Easter Bunny brings you enough candy to make you sick. That’s the best part of Easter.

Tropical Decoupage Easter Eggs

If you would like to download the images I used, click below. For personal use only, please.

Tropical EasterEgg Printout

DIY: Mid-Century Googie Style Glass Mugs

Sometimes I find myself perusing the tablewares section for things I totally don’t need but always end up buying anyway. One of my most recent unnecessary purchases were these little 69 cent glass mugs from IKEA. I figured I could use them for something or another, and I thought the shape was pretty cool, but I thought they needed something to jazz them up. I decided to give them a midcentury, googie style makeover using craft paint and painters tape.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

First I found some midcentury style clip art and printed it so I could make my stencil. I used an exacto knife to cut the shapes into painters tape.

DIY Glass Painting

Then I applied the tape to the glass in a random pattern.DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

I used a screen printing method to apply the paint. This is where you put on a drop of paint and use a squeegee to drag it across and fill in the stencil to create a smooth finish. You can use a sponge or brush, too, but it probably won’t have as smooth of a finish.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

Make sure to remove the tape before the paint dries. Otherwise the tape will take the paint off with it.

DIY Glass Paint Stenciling

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs

Let the paint dry for about an hour and then place into a cool oven and set the heat to 350 degrees. Let bake for 30 minutes and then shut the oven off. Let the glass cool in the oven and then remove. The paint will be cured and washable.

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs

Pretty neat looking cups for 70 cents, huh?

DIY MidCentury Painted Glass Mugs

DIY: St. Patricks Day Coasters and Party Garland

I’m no expert on the subject, but what I do know about Saint Patricks Day is that you need a lot of green, shamrocks, and beer. If you’re planning on throwing a St. Patty’s Day shindig, you’re probably going to need coasters for all of the pints of beer that are going to be making their way around your house. Water rings are the worst! Is that just the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever said? Whatever. They totally are.

These round fiberboard coasters are my favorite because they’re like $8 for 50 of them on Amazon, and you can customize them and make them as cute as you want. Obviously I went with green and gold shamrocks for St Patricks Day.

I used my Martha Stewart stencil and paints and just stenciled my little heart out.

Stenciled Shamrock Coasters #12MonthsofMarthaThat’s seriously all there is to it for the coasters! Just stencil it with a foam pouncer or paint brush, let dry, and then try not to be the crazy host handing coasters out at every turn.

Stenciled Shamrock Coasters #12MonthsofMarthaIf you get carried away and make too many, no worries, my darlings…

DIY St Patricks Day Shamrock Garland #12MonthsofMarthaJust string them together with twine to make shamrock garland! All the cool kids are doing it.

DIY St Patricks Day Shamrock Garland #12MonthsofMarthaI used an upholstery needle and poked it right through the coaster and then pulled my twine through each one. Done and done.

DIY St Patricks Day Shamrock Garland



DIY: Tissue Paper Gold Leaf Phone Case

Hello darlings! Guess what? Earlier this year my BFF Martha Stewart herself (kidding) asked me to be part of a thing called the “12 Months of Martha”. In case you’ve been living in a world of normal, non-craft-obsessed people and are wondering what that is, I’ll tell you. It’s where the fine people at Martha Stewart Living send me and some other choice bloggers packages of craft supplies to create a new project for each month of this year. It’s a major win for me because I use all of these products anyway so now they’re basically just throwing them at me. Anyway, it sounds super fun and I’m excited to be included.

Now that you know what’s going on, you can stay tuned to see what I come up with. You can check out what others are making by searching #12monthsofmartha on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I won’t go on about every item that was in the box, but it did include decoupage and craft paint, which I used for this month’s project. The gold leaf is also MarStew but it’s from my own stash.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

You probably know by the title of this post that I made a fancy pants phone cover. To make the case I used a decent quality colored tissue paper (the thick kind with the smooth, shiny side) and a cheap clear case that you can get at almost any store (I got mine on Amazon for $3). I also used Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage, gold leaf, and craft paint.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

First, I ripped the tissue paper into random strips and shapes. Then I painted a layer of decoupage on to the inner-side of the phone case. I arranged my pieces of paper over the glue and then patted them down and carefully smoothed out any wrinkles. Push the paper up the sides of the case so they’re covered too. After that I let the decoupage dry a little until it was sticky and applied gold leaf to those areas.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

Try to only apply gold leaf to the exposed areas, as it may show through your tissue paper depending on how thick and opaque it is. If your paper is really thin and sheer you may want to double up on it before applying the gold leaf. Anyway, carefully apply the gold leaf to your desired areas and let everything dry. Trim the excess paper from the edges and camera hole with an exacto knife.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

At this point you can apply a couple more layers of decoupage to seal the deal, or you can do what I did and apply a layer of white paint to the back to give a nice finished look and to make the colors pop. I forgot to take a picture of that step. Oops. Just slap it on.

Once you’ve applied your final coats of decoupage to seal it all, let dry for several hours, or better yet overnight.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

Now I can walk around looking very accessorized and people will stop and say “Where did you get that phone case?” And I’ll say “DIY, baby” and toss my hair back as I strut away pretending to be on a very important phone call (with Martha Stewart, of course).

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

DIY: Creep Out Your Valentine With This Hilarious DIY Valentine’s Day Card Idea

I’m going to confess right now that I’m not your typical lover of Valentine’s Day. I mean hearts are cute and I like pink enough, but I’m just not the traditional Valentine’s Day kind of girl. I am however, the kind of girl who occasionally likes to prank my friends and often likes to make a joke out of anything possible. That’s why these Valentine’s Day cards are probably my favorite to make.

Last year Jess from Letter and Ink and I made these weirdo creep-style Valentines, and this year I’m just doing my part to continue the tradition. If you want to get your creep on, just grab a stack of old magazines and get to cutting.

Hilariously Creepy DIY Valentines Day Cards

Seriously all you need is a festively colored piece of paper (red or pink preferably) and an old magazine that has as many words as possible. You’ll also need glue to, like, make it all stick of course.

Then just think about what you want to write. Poems are nice. Roses are red, violets are blue… It doesn’t take a lot, you guys. Just speak from your creepy little heart. A calm, assertive “BE MINE.” works.

Then cut out all of the little letters you need to complete your sentences. Don’t worry about cutting yourself, blood adds a nice touch. (Only kidding! Kind of…)

When you’re done you will have a colorful and adorable stalker style card for your favorite Valentine.

Hilariously Creepy DIY Valentines Day Cards


DIY: Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

New Years Eve is approaching and I have champagne on the mind. I took a look at a set of plain, cheap champagne flutes that I bought, and got inspired to jazz them up a bit. I wanted something glam and fun, and got the idea to use gold leaf sheets to give them a gold-flaked confetti look.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

All you need are inexpensive champagne flutes, gold leafing sheets, and adhesive. If you’re an avid crafter and champagne lover you probably already have these available.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

Decide where you want the gilding on the glass to be. I wanted a very random and imperfect, broken up pattern, as if gold flakes were floating down the glass. I painted the adhesive heavily on the parts I wanted more gilding and then used a small brush to dab glue on randomly around the glass to create smaller flakes. Let the glue dry until it’s clear and tacky.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

Then simply stick and rub the gold leaf sheets onto the glass until it sticks to the glue. Once you have all of the glue covered, use a soft brush to tap down the gold leafing and then brush away any excess.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

Look at what a difference a little gold leaf makes.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne FlutesTo protect the gold leaf, carefully go over any gilded parts with a gold leaf sealant. Let dry completely, preferably overnight, before using and washing. You can gently hand wash in cold water with mild soap and drip dry.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes


DIY: The Easiest DIY Christmas Wrapping Ever

Let’s face it, some people just aren’t that creative with wrapping presents. (Not me though, I’m wonderful.) Or maybe some of you just don’t want to mess around with all of the ornamental bows and ribbons. Maybe you just want to do something a little different and totally adorable. Well here’s the solution to your problem. Put it in a gift bag.

Just kidding! Chalkboard paper!

All you need is a roll of chalkboard paper and chalk markers, which are available at most craft stores. Chalkboard paper is just like a roll of wrapping paper so if you’re not that good at wrapping presents in general, this post wont help you (try here instead). I’m merely here to solve your creative problems. Basically you just wrap the gift as normal and then draw whatever custom design you want on it. Tada!!

DIY Chalkboard Wrapping Paper!!

DIY: Felt Mistletoe Cocktail Glass Decorations

Here’s a quick little holiday entertaining craft idea. Little felt mistletoes you can tie on to your glass stems. Cute right? So festive. Bonus: You can hold your drink over your head and people will make out with you. (At least that’s my plan!)

DIY Mistletoe Glass Stem Decorations

Anywayyy I’m terrible and didn’t take pics of the steps but I think you get the idea.

You’ll need:
Green felt
Small white felt balls
Craft glue
String or twine
Small scissors

Just cut out little mistletoe leaf shapes. They’re kind of oval with long stems. Next glue the white balls onto the leaves. Then bunch them together by the ends and tie them up using twine or string. Tie them securely to glass stems.

Pro tip: Use them in other areas of your home or as a fun gift detail to add to your gift wrapping.


DIY: Marbled Christmas Ornaments

It’s Christmastime!!! I’m so excited.

I had the brilliant idea to change our Christmas tree theme and colors this year. Our past theme didn’t quite fit with the style of our apartment so it was kind of clashing and annoying me. Black, white, gold, and silver are basically my favorite colors and would totally fit in with my decor. I also wanted a glam and semi-retro vibe. Luckily we found some appropriate vintage ornaments during a flea market trip, and I think maybe Target read my mind (or tweets) because they have a bunch of black and gold stuff out in their Christmas section right now.

But even after all of that I had more space to fill on the tree, so I got out my paints and a pack of clear ornaments and got to work on marbling.

These are super easy and you can use any color combo you want. I used black and white because duh.

First, you have to take the top off of the ornament since you’re going to be painting the inside. Then, drop a few drops of each color into the opening. The paint immediately starts to swirl together and you’ll begin to see the effect. Be patient and let the paint flow all around the sides by moving the ornament around.

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments



The paint flow will begin to slow down as it covers the ornament. If you want to walk away just put something on the sides to hold the ornament in place so the paint can flow down the sides. Gravity or whatever.

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments


Then tip it over and let all of the excess paint drip out . It’ll marble even more during this step.

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments


Once all of the excess paint is out and the inside is dry you can put the top back on and hang it on the tree.

How to make marbled Christmas ornaments






DIY: Golden Snake Halloween Wreath

I’m the type of person that likes to put something on the front door that lets everyone know “HEY WE’RE FESTIVE AND STUFF”. We live in an apartment so I can’t put any crazy lawn ornaments up and we don’t get any cute little trick or treaters but you will have to pry my front door decor from my cold dead hands. Anyway here’s this year’s wreath!

I decided to go against the traditional circle shape and used an oval grapevine wreath as my base and used plastic spiders and a rubber snake and mice to decorate it. I got these items at Michael’s.

DIY Halloween Wreath Idea

Obviously these things aren’t really my style on their own so I hit up my stash of crafting supplies.

DIY Halloween Wreath Idea

I painted the entire snake gold using a coat of Martha Stewart’s metallic paint in Golden Pearl and then a coat of Martha Stewart’s liquid gilding in gold over the top scales. SHINY! I painted a few of the spiders too.

DIY Halloween Wreath Idea

Then, I painted the mice black using Martha Stewart craft paint and added a little bit of ‘hair’ on their backs with Martha Stewart’s onyx tinsel glitter.

I also sprayed the wreath black and then lightly brushed it with Martha Stewart’s Black Vintage Decor Paint to add some more depth and creepiness.

DIY Halloween Wreath Idea


I used hot glue to affix everything to the wreath and then used black sheer ribbon to hang it. Tada!

DIY Halloween Wreath Idea