DIY: The Easiest DIY Christmas Wrapping Ever

Let’s face it, some people just aren’t that creative with wrapping presents. (Not me though, I’m wonderful.) Or maybe some of you just don’t want to mess around with all of the ornamental bows and ribbons. Maybe you just want to do something a little different and totally adorable. Well here’s the solution to your problem. Put it in a gift bag.

Just kidding! Chalkboard paper!

All you need is a roll of chalkboard paper and chalk markers, which are available at most craft stores. Chalkboard paper is just like a roll of wrapping paper so if you’re not that good at wrapping presents in general, this post wont help you (try here¬†instead). I’m merely here to solve your creative problems. Basically you just wrap the gift as normal and then draw whatever custom design you want on it. Tada!!

DIY Chalkboard Wrapping Paper!!

DIY: Picture Frame Turned Chalkboard

I found these matching framed pictures in a heap of junk one of my crazy neighbors left behind after they moved. At first I was like “eh” but then I was like “oooo” because I figured I could use the frames for something. Oh, and fun fact: this is a print of a painting by Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman herself, Jane Seymour. I mean we know she’s talented, but I didn’t know she was a painter. (I Googled it to confirm.)

Old Jane Seymour art
Still life.

Anyway I took the print out (relax, relax, I didn’t waste it) and painted the glass with like 4 coats of black chalkboard paint. Do thin coats and let that crap dry very thoroughly between coats so it doesn’t peel off like a bad manicure. You know what I’m talking about. You might want to rough up the glass with some sandpaper too. This was already kind of scratched up so it worked fine.

I repainted the frame using Queen Martha Stewart’s metallic paint in Golden Pearl. It’s my favorite subtle champagne-y gold. Fancy.

GoldenPearl MS Paint

After I put it all back together and let it the chalkboard paint cure for a couple of days (follow the directions on your paint can), it looked like this. I used Command picture hanger thingies to hang it over the entry way table so we can write things like reminders and our shopping list. Tada!

DIY chalkboard