Home Decor: Dining Room Wrap Up | Dining Room Makeover

Here it is, guys. The whole shebang!

I put the large mirror above the banquette because hanging mirrors and pictures higher up on walls creates the illusion of higher ceilings, because it draws your eye up…or something. Also because it reflects sunlight and chandelier light into my adjacent kitchen. Plus I just like it there. To finish up the space, I displayed my metallic prints of the LA Farmers Market in 1946 in frames from Ikea and grouped them in a set of 4. I love these prints because theyre vintage and they’re food themed without being too obvious. The mid-century fruit bowl was a lucky find at Goodwill for $2.

Let’s see now…

I’ve showed you the mirror.

Gold was good but silver went better for this look

I’ve showed you the chairs.

I showed you the table.

No more questionable animal fur and dirt

Yesterday, I showed you how to make the banquette. [Edit: The fabric was changed. Updated pics here.]

And I even showed you how to make the pillows!

That it, guys. There’s the dining room. I’ve showed you everything.

Let’s check out the before and after-

Now it’s time to change it up for Halloweeeeeeeen!