DIY Valentine Heart Pins

Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day. There are those who love it and those who despise it. I personally don’t feel strongly either way, but I think hearts are really cute and I like candy, so V-Day is ok with me. Whether you’re planning on being showered with gifts and candy by your love, or perhaps sitting at home feeling wretched about your love life with your Galentines, these DIY Valentine pins are for you. They’re the perfect way to express your feelings about love, and also make really cute personalized gifts! After all, you have to keep your #pingamestrong.DIY Valentine Pins

They’re super easy to make. Here’s how you do it.

You’ll need:

Oven-bake Clay (like Sculpy)
Heart Cookie Cutters (small, various sizes)
Embossing Letters (I used these)
Craft Paint and a fine brush
A gloss sealer like Mod-Podge
Heavy-duty craft/jewelry making adhesive
Pin Backs or Tie Tacks

First you’re going to roll out your clay to about 1/4 inch thick. Then use a small cookie cutter of your choice to cut out a heart shape.

DIY Valentine Pins

Then you’re going to press your messages into the clay using embossing letters. Bake the stamped shapes according to your clay’s directions.DIY Valentine Pins

After the clay is hardened and cooled, use craft paint and a fine brush to outline the letters. You can skip this step, but I like the way it makes the letters pop more and gives them more of a conversation heart look.DIY Valentine Pins

Now you’re going to use heavy-duty jewelry making glue to adhere a pin to the back of your heart. Let dry completely before handling.DIY Valentine Pins 4

Once everything is dry you can finish it off with a coat of glossy sealer. I used Mod Podge. It gives a nice finished look.DIY Valetine PinsThat’s it! Done.DIY Valentine Pins

Show me what messages you come up with by tagging @melodramablog on Instagram.


Instagram Giveaway | Hand-Painted Vintage Suitcase from Suitcase Heart

You guys! I hope you’re following me over on Instagram because me and a few other lovely ladies are doing an awesome giveaway.

SuitcaseHeart Giveaway

We’re giving away this adorable watermelon suitcase from Suitcase Heart. Ain’t she a beaut? I wish I could win it.

Suitcase Heart Giveaway

Anyway, head over to Instagram and follow me for details on how to win. Good luck!

Photo credit: Rosie Clayton @rclayton

20 Lilly Pulitzer for Target Home Decor and Clothing Picks

You guys, Lilly Pulitzer for Target is hitting stores on Sunday, April 19th. This is the first time I’ve been really excited for a Target designer collab. A lot of people have been buzzing about this collection with mixed emotions.  Some are raging mad that strangers will think their Lillys are from Target, and this is somehow going to, like, ruin their lives. Others are excited because it’s all just more cute stuff for us to buy, and more importantly, because life really isn’t that serious.

Lilly PulitzerIf you don’t know who Lilly Pulitzer is, here’s a little background. Lilly was a fashion designer from Palm Beach who got her start making dresses that would camouflage the juice stains that she would get on her clothes while working at her juice stand. Costumers loved her creations so much that she started selling them, and by 1959 she was the president of her own company. Lilly Pulitzer’s signature style is colorful, preppy, resort wear. Because of a dress she made for Jackie Kennedy, the shift dress became one of her most popular and timeless designs. Aside from fashion designing, she apparently threw some pretty legendary parties.

The Target collection is set to have 250 pieces including housewares, accessories, and 15 designs created specifically for Target.

Here are my top 20 (yes, 20) picks from the collection.

Let’s start with home decor.

3. GLASS CARAFE – $15.00
This is going to make a perfect dog bed in my living room.
Lilly Pulitzer Top 205. PORCELAIN PINEAPPLE JUICER – $15.00
It says serving bowl, but get serious it’s a chip n’ dip and I want it.

These are two things that I totally don’t need or have a place for, but totally want.
Lilly Pulitzer Top 209. PATIO UMBRELLA – BOOM BOOM – $100.00
10. HAMMOCK – NOSIE POSEY – $150.00

The home decor is so good I almost forgot there’s clothes in the collection.

Lilly Pulitzer Top 20 Picks11. NOSIE POSEY TURBAN HEADWRAP W/ ELASTIC BACK – $8.00
Lilly Pulitzer Top 20 Picks15. SATIN DRESS – NOSIE POSEY – $38.00 (online only)
16. SATIN DRESS – BOOM BOOM – $38.00
17. SHIFT DRESS – FAN DANCE – $38.00
Lilly Pulitzer Top 20 Picks19. FRINGE KIMONO JACKET – WHITE – $30.00 (online only)
20. SATIN KIMONO – PINEAPPLE PUNCH – $34.00 (online only)

The collection hits the market on April 29th and you can bet your ass I’m going to try to score that pineapple chip n’ dip.

DIY: Tissue Paper Gold Leaf Phone Case

Hello darlings! Guess what? Earlier this year my BFF Martha Stewart herself (kidding) asked me to be part of a thing called the “12 Months of Martha”. In case you’ve been living in a world of normal, non-craft-obsessed people and are wondering what that is, I’ll tell you. It’s where the fine people at Martha Stewart Living send me and some other choice bloggers packages of craft supplies to create a new project for each month of this year. It’s a major win for me because I use all of these products anyway so now they’re basically just throwing them at me. Anyway, it sounds super fun and I’m excited to be included.

Now that you know what’s going on, you can stay tuned to see what I come up with. You can check out what others are making by searching #12monthsofmartha on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I won’t go on about every item that was in the box, but it did include decoupage and craft paint, which I used for this month’s project. The gold leaf is also MarStew but it’s from my own stash.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

You probably know by the title of this post that I made a fancy pants phone cover. To make the case I used a decent quality colored tissue paper (the thick kind with the smooth, shiny side) and a cheap clear case that you can get at almost any store (I got mine on Amazon for $3). I also used Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage, gold leaf, and craft paint.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

First, I ripped the tissue paper into random strips and shapes. Then I painted a layer of decoupage on to the inner-side of the phone case. I arranged my pieces of paper over the glue and then patted them down and carefully smoothed out any wrinkles. Push the paper up the sides of the case so they’re covered too. After that I let the decoupage dry a little until it was sticky and applied gold leaf to those areas.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

Try to only apply gold leaf to the exposed areas, as it may show through your tissue paper depending on how thick and opaque it is. If your paper is really thin and sheer you may want to double up on it before applying the gold leaf. Anyway, carefully apply the gold leaf to your desired areas and let everything dry. Trim the excess paper from the edges and camera hole with an exacto knife.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

At this point you can apply a couple more layers of decoupage to seal the deal, or you can do what I did and apply a layer of white paint to the back to give a nice finished look and to make the colors pop. I forgot to take a picture of that step. Oops. Just slap it on.

Once you’ve applied your final coats of decoupage to seal it all, let dry for several hours, or better yet overnight.

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

Now I can walk around looking very accessorized and people will stop and say “Where did you get that phone case?” And I’ll say “DIY, baby” and toss my hair back as I strut away pretending to be on a very important phone call (with Martha Stewart, of course).

DIY Tissue Paper Phone Case #12monthsofmartha

Clever Gifts for Clever People – 2013

This is it! My last (minute) gift guide for 2013. Every man, woman, and child will want these things. Ok maybe not children but what do they know anyway?

clever gifts for clever peopleAre you ready to be inspired? I’m a really good gift giver so you should trust me. Today’s gift guide is all about <Oprah voice> CLEVER GIFTS FOR CLEVER PEOPLE!!!!!</Oprah voice>

GFDA1. GFDA Mug and Espresso Blend – The good people at Good Fucking Design Advice give good advice. Share that good advice with the ones you love. Maybe they need to remember to believe in them-fucking-selves while they drink their delicious and very bold fucking espresso roast. Sometimes nothing gets the message across better than the using F word. You all know it. By the way, all the GFDA merch is proudly designed and made in the USFA.

izola2. Toiletries from Izola – I LOVE Izola. They make really good quality, masculine products with a vintage utilitarian style. This is where you need to get those last minute practical gifts for your man. They have everything from toiletries to accessories. We really like this apothecary soap set and the brass comb makes an awesome stocking stuffer, but it’s ALL good stuff over at Izola.

zombie tarot3. The Zombie Tarot – I have a thing for tarot sets and this is one of the coolest I’ve seen. The cards have amazing vintage style zombie themed art and the accompanying instruction book has  silly but fitting descriptions of each card’s meaning. Also in the booklet you’ll fine fake 1950s ads for weapons and anti-zombie products. Perfect for your creepy, zombie loving friends and family.

bkr4. bkr Water Bottle – bkr water bottles are the trendiest reusable glass water bottles on earth right now. With their modern look and adorable colors, they’re almost like a fashion accessory. Each glass bottle is covered in a colorful silicone sleeve that provides great grip and protects the glass. You can pick from over 20 different adorable colors to suit your style. The bottle has a one inch opening for no-spill sipping and they’re BPA-free and phthalate free. A portion of all proceeds goes to clean water and cancer foundations.

spices5. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit – This stackable spice stick is brought to us from the fine people at PLANT. This is a smart gift for that food snob friend (or husband…) who’s always like “This could use some more oregano. This needs a dash more of salt. I would really like to see how dill would affect this.”. The stackable pots of seasonings can be mixed and matched to your own preference and easily thrown in a bag for on the go food snobbery. Each set includes 13 pocket-size pots of organic herbs and spices—including basil, cayenne, curry, dill, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, onion, sea salt, black pepper, and rosemary. You smell the quality as soon as you open the package. This is also a socially responsible company you can feel good about purchasing from. Try their toiletries too!

TravelHoodiePillow6. The Travel HoodiePillow – It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a travel pillow WITH A HOOD. Nothing makes me happier than this pillow. If you’re as socially awkward on airplanes as I am, then this is the thing for you. I would always made sure to wear a hoodie during flights so I could hide in my own little cottony cocoon but then my neck pillow wouldn’t stay on because of the hood being in the way and then I’d get hot and UGH. Now I have my hood and pillow together in one harmonious nap accessory. It comes in 5 colors of sweat shirt material and is genius.

anything is possible7. quotable Scented Candle – quotable cards is a shop for the word lover. Their accessories all have inspirational quotes that are meant to motivate and inspire. This candle says “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” (because it’s true), it’s 100% palm wax, a 40 hour burn time, and has a wild currant scent.

powercup for charging everything!8. The Powercup – The Powercup is awesome and so very clever. It fits right in your cup holder and can power almost anything. It has 1 usb port for charging cellphones and the sort, but it also has 2 regular sockets so you can power up anything you want. Flat irons, laptops, your coffee maker, whatever! It’s great for road trips!

That’s it for 2013’s gift guides! I hope you choose to support small and local businesses this year. Also, if you feel like being less of an asshole this holiday season, please give whatever time and money you can to charities and foundations that give back to people, animals, and our communities.

Holiday Hostess Must-Haves 2013

holiday hostess must havesHosting a Friendsmas party is one the funnest things to do with your friends during the holidays. You get to dress up in sparkly dresses and wooly sweaters while playing inappropriate games and getting drunk on festive cocktails. You’ll probably do some cute Secret Santa or White Elephant game. But, if you want to be the hostess with the mostest you’re going to need everything on this list of must-haves.


The Ugly Sweater Oven Mitt – When you’re entertaining you have to look cute and play the part, right? You’ll probably be baking cookies and passing out  hors d’oeurves, but who wants to hide their cute festive manicure in an oven mitt all night long? Don’t worry, DCI has you covered. Their weird and slightly creepy “Ugly Sweater” oven mitt has a manicured and accessorized hand printed right on it so you won’t even miss yours. Everyone you know will get a kick out of this thing. They’ll probably even volunteer in the kitchen just so they can get a turn trying it on. It’s $15.00 at


The Housewives Tarot – Entertain and impress your guests with your talent for domestic divination! This adorable 1950’s themed recipe box tarot kit not only includes 78 tarot cards and instructions on how to interpret them, but also real recipes for things like “Divinated Eggs” and “Ice Box Fortune Cake” that you can serve to your guest during your party. The cards are printed on good quality card stock and built to last. Lift the lid and read some fortunes for the new year! Mine said I’m going to be rich when I grow up! Woo! Find it for $16.95 at

Shake Cocktail Book

Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails – Every good hostess should know how to booze their guests up. Am I right? If you’re new to crafting delicious cocktails, this is the book for you. Brought to us from the makers of The Mason Shaker, the book begins with Cocktail Crafting 101, which tells you everything from the how to pick the right glassware and ice to how to stock your bar and execute various mixing techniques. My favorite thing about this book is that it’s categorized by SEASONS. Genius. Who wants a summer drink at a winter party? Not me. In the winter chapter the authors show us 8 different drinks, including a winter margarita and their amazing recipe for Nog. All perfect for a holiday party. My favorite is the L Train because it has gin and lavender in it. You’ll want to try everything in his book, and BOY DO I PLAN TO (stay tuned). It’s also pretty enough to display on your bar table. Two very drunk thumbs up. $25.00 at


Salty Road Salt Water Taffy – You guys, I’m obsessed with Salty Road. And let me tell you, these make great gifts for your guests. The packaging is perfect and cute but what’s inside is even better. The BEST salt water taffy I’ve ever had. Every flavor is equally as addicting as the next. These taffies are perfect. Each piece has an AMAZING sea salt crunch and a perfectly creamy chew. Each flavor is true and distinct and makes your mouth water. I’ve made everyone I know try these and they all have the same reaction – “MMMMM WHOA MMMMMM” – and that’s actually the best way I could describe Salty Road. These make perfect stocking stuffers, too! $6.50 at

mini holiday candles

Bath & Body Works Mini Candles – Make your place smell like the holidays. Not only does scent trigger memories but it’s also perfect for creating ambiance. I put these mini candles in every corner of my apartment when people are over. The holiday collection from B&BW has everything from evergreens to fresh baked cookies. My current faves are Fresh Balsam, Holiday, and Tis the Season. They smell like Christmas in a jar. When burned together, it’s like magic. They’re $4.50 at Bath & Body Works

Stay tuned for more holiday gift guides this week!

Home Decor: How to Choose and Arrange Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers…sigh. Nothing makes me feel better and my home feel more put together. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, I suggest checking out your local flower district. If you don’t have a district go check out your local flower marts or farmers markets. In downtown Los Angeles we’re lucky to have a pretty fantastic flower district. You simply can’t beat the quality and price. Supermarket flowers in no way compare! Adding the element of fresh greenery is the perfect way to brighten up a room.

Brighten a Room with Flowers

I picked up this bunch of hydrangeas on Monday at one of my favorite spots along Wall St. 5 stems for $8! They don’t come in fancy packaging or with packets of weird floral food. Just a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers wrapped in newspaper. Once they’re in a vase atop a pretty piece of furniture it doesn’t matter. Throughout the week they have gotten more beautiful and fragrant!


I used a $2 glass vase that I got at Goodwill (score!). The rounded curves of the vase compliment the roundness of the hydrangeas and the skinny neck of the vase keeps the stems close together for a fuller look all while using less flowers! This type of vase is perfect for all of my favorite flowers – peonies, hydrangeas, juliette roses, and dahlias.


The flowers make a big difference in this semi-mono-chromatic corner of my living room. Not only did I pick hydrangeas because I adore them but it compliments everything that is in relation to it.

-Consider shape! The table, frames, and lamp shade all have hard edges – adding the soft shapes from the flower arrangement makes it all more cohesive and less boring while also tying in the softness of the accent chair.

-Consider color! The green and yellow hues from the flowers compliment the blues, whites, blacks, and greys around it with just enough contrast. Adding red roses would be too much contrast but adding blue hydrangeas, even though technically a complimentary color, wouldn’t be enough contrast.

-You can’t really go wrong with a classic, clear, glass vase but I chose it in this instance because I didn’t want it to feel heavy on the table. Glass has an open, airy, unobtrusive vibe to it. Considering there is already a framed piece and lamp displayed, anything other than clear glass would make the table feel cluttered. The glass also adds a reflectiveness to the room and is having a ‘conversation’ with the other reflective surfaces around it. The nailheads, glass knobs on the table, the glass from the frames, and silver accents of the hardware are all shining in harmony!

Now, you can try to follow all of these ‘rules’ and try to pick things strategically but you don’t want to take the fun out of shopping for flowers. The main thing is to pick things you like! Pick ones that make you smile. Try new things you think you might not like, too! Move arrangements around! The great thing is that flowers are not permanent. You’re not committing to anything long term. If you don’t like the way they look, put them in a new place and replace them when it’s time! Or give them to a friend as a gift!

See you next week, xoxo!