Melodrama’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

OK, this gift guide is totally last minute, like my shopping. My gifts always arrive late, but to me that just extends Christmas a little more and you end up with a little New Years gift. Right??? I am who I am.

If you’re like me and still need gift ideas for the hip and happening people in your life here’s a list of some of my favorites!

Cone Vase by Baigelman Glass


Flamingo Tiki Glasses by Love and Victory


Hand Painted Plaques from Everyday is a Holiday


Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann ChenBadGirlsThroughoutHistory3DCover_large.jpg

Subscription to Atomic Ranch Magazinear_win17_us_c1.jpg

Betty Boomerang Subscription Box0a65c9667aff446fbb3447e4d2d45a6c_600.png

Eliot Sunglasses from Hello Holiday5D3_6177_49acd2ab-58aa-4193-893c-7f1f6e58f3da_2048x2048 Rose 17 Month Agendabando-il-agenda-17_month_medium-rose_parade-02_1024x1024For the kids…

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Star Diner Restaurant


For the pet lover…

Modern Pet Feeder by modernmews il_570xN.371960753_iki5.jpg

The splurge…

Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

Roccbox 11.jpg


What’s on your list? Tell me some of your favorite things in the comments below!


Small Business Gift Guide 2015

I’m a big believer in shopping small and local whenever possible, and that’s why I love the concept of Small Business Saturday. There are a few small businesses and Etsy shops in particular that I’ve been obsessing over this year. Below you’ll find shops that carry amazing gifts for everyone on your list. Glassware, home accessories, fashion accessories, booze, art, food, etc etc etc. You readddyyyy?

BaigelmanThanks_127_EditBaigelman Glass – Baigelman Glass creates bespoke pieces, elegant art series and functional glassware inspired by bright colors and clean lines. I’m a proud owner of several pieces and can’t rave enough about them.

Twist Your Spirits – A collection of artisanal cocktail kits designed to create the perfect cocktail at home or on the go.

Love and Victory – Love & Victory creates personal and custom gifts for weddings, loved ones and friends including custom jewelry, glassware, and art.

Lola y Tula – Decorative Mexican folk art for the home as well as artistic and handmade accessories for women and children.

Vitamini – Modern gifts and paper goods handmade in California.

Spellbound Crowns – Whether it be flower crowns or mermaid crowns, Spellbound crowns is a shop for people who want to feel like they’re royalty any time.

Sister Golden – Original art, prints, styling ideas, home goods, living essentials and accessories. I particularly love the flower portraits.

Happy Guppy – Adorably handmade home goods and accessories that make you smile.

Julie's Beet
Julie’s Beet – Fine artisanal food products from around the world. Julie’s Beet has gift sets for every food lover in your life, and they can create custom gift sets for even your pickiest recipients. I suggest the ‘Opening Collection’. For 10% off of your order use the code “melodrama10”.

Good Grief Vintage – Vintage clothes, local art, records–anything and everything rad.

Quiet Clementine
Quiet Clementine – Amazing ceramics full of color and pattern. From home accessories to jewelry, you’re bound to find something you want.

Little Arrow
Little Arrow – An Oregon based design studio specializing in buttons, matchbooks, tins, keychains, figurines, and other cool stuff.

Kittenish Boutique – Handmade and whimsical hair accessories.

Wise Apple Vintage
Wise Apple Vintage – A kitschy collection of vintage home accessories from Pyrex to barware.

A Gift Guide For Crafters and DIY Lovers

Christmas time is upon us! If you’re scrambling for gift ideas for your crafty friends and fam I have got the list for you. Here are my favorite gifts for DIYers this year. Please be warned that you may end up wanting these for yourself.
Crafter Gift Guide
Gam Hammer from Restoration Hardware
This is nifty little gam hammer from RH is my go-to tool for small jobs and crafts. But it’s not just a regular hammer. It has four built-in screwdrivers that fit perfectly together inside the handle like a set of handy Russian dolls. Plus it’s gold so it’s totally fancy and gift worthy. More like GLAM Hammer AMIRITE?

Screen Printing Kits from Speedball
Do you know someone who really wants to get into screen printing? Maybe that friend who always has an idea for a t-shirt or tote? Well then here is an all-in-one starter kit for the budding screen printer. Or maybe that person is you and you should get it for yourself so you can DIY all your gifts.

Perfume Kit from MarkersKit
This is for the beauty inspired DIYer or even just someone who likes to smell pretty. This perfume kit has everything you need to mix your own signature fragrance. Or, again, it’s one of those gifts you can totally get for yourself and then give away your scented concoctions as gifts. Win-win!

Martha Stewart Crafts Paints
This gift probably seems really basic to some, but in the eyes of a crafty person it is more than just paint. It is a necessity. An addition to a collection, even. It is hours of DIY beheld in little jars. It’s always needed and always appreciated. Put together of a few colors or pick one of the monthly paint sets.

Gold craft scissors
Every crafter and DIYer needs scissors, obviously. Multiple pairs even. But let’s get real, regular scissors are boring and not gift worthy. These however, are particularly adorable and useful. Besides their obvious aesthetic appeal, their smaller size makes them perfect for sewing and intricate cutting projects. They make a great stocking stuffer, too.

Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary Tool
If you know a really intense crafter and you want to spend the money, you need to get them a Dremel Rotary Tool. These compact rotary tools can do amazing things from glass cutting to stone polishing to leather burnishing, and all with the quick change of the attachment head.

Go forth and give, my friends. Happy Christmas.

A Gift Guide For The Cooks And Food Lovers In Your Life

It should be no surprise that we love food around here, so when the holidays roll around I often find myself discovering a lot of food related gifts. Luckily most of the people in my life enjoy being in the kitchen too. I give them gifts like this and then they cook for me. It works out for all of us.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s under $60 for the cooks and food lovers in your life, here are my top picks that will get you an “OOH THANKS!” instead of an “Oh. Thanks…”. You’re welcome!
Melodrama Food Lover Gift Guide 2014

1. Cuisinart Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Maker –
I own and regularly use this ice cream maker. Every ice cream recipe you’ve seen here has been made with this baby. For $60 it’s a steal. It only has 3 pieces and is pretty compact compared to other models, so it’s easy to store in any size kitchen. The ice cream freezes in 20 minutes and produces a smooth, creamy texture. It also comes with a recipe booklet to get you started.

2. Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Boxes and Cards
When you cook a lot you end up developing your own recipes. Obviously you need a place to store those recipes for ever and ever. These recipe boxes are the perfect solution and refill cards are available so you can trade hand written recipes with your friends.

3. Butter My Biscuit Kitchen Towel
Kitchens need towels and this one made me laugh. They’re hand screen printed, 100% cotton, and durable for heavy kitchen use.

4. Foodie Dice
I LOVE THESE. I was tired of living in perpetual “What’s for dinner?” hell and Foodie Dice came to the rescue. If you’re stumped by what to cook, roll the dice and get the answer. It’s like magic. Each dice has ingredients and cooking methods to get the ball rolling.

5. Lodge Cast Iron Combo Dutch Oven
We’re huge fans of cast iron cooking in our house. Our dutch oven combo gets the most use. It’s 3 kitchen staples in one: a pot, a skillet, and a dutch oven. You’ve probably seen it make a cameo or two in past recipes. Highly recommended.

6. Groceries & Shit Tote Bag
If you love to cook you obviously have to shop for ingredients and whatever. I particularly love this tote because it’s exactly what my answer would be if someone asked me what was in my tote.