Oh snap! | Hipstamatic | iPhone Photography

Anyone that owns an iPhone (and now Droid) probably knows about Instagram. I’m sure you’ve also seen the internet buzzing about Facebook’s acquisition of it. Most of you have probably used the app yourselves or have at least had your interest peeked by the buzz. Because of the 8 megapixels and post processing applications, iPhone photography has become a photography genre of it’s own. My husband, in particular, has become a master at it. He has assisted me with photographing weddings before, so he has the practice and possesses talent. But it has become a running joke that he’s better with his phone than a real camera.

That being said, Jvee doesn’t like Instagram. Well, he doesn’t mind it, but he prefers Hipstamatic. And it’s not because he’s some elitist hipster that is upset they sold-out to Droid and Facebook. It’s rather a preference for versatility, control, and even the unpredictability.

Check out some of my favorite shots that he has taken with Hipstamatic:

And he can be sneaky with it, too. He always catches me without my knowing it.

The cool thing about Hipstamatic is the ability to switch “films”, “lenses”, “cases” and “flashes” within the application’s “camera bag”. This results in multiple unique possibilities for each photograph. You can save your favorite combinations for later use. You can even elect to randomize the effects. The app isn’t free like Instagram but having gotten tired using the same Instagram filters over and over, I’m fine sparing 2.99 (+ .99 each film pack) for some variety.

Another thing he likes about Hipstamatic is the Hipstamart. You can send your photos to their photolab to be printed in a variety of sizes. We’ve done this a couple of times and have loved the results.

These are the 4in print pack @ 9 prints for $5.

One of the things we like to do with our prints (besides frame them like this) is slap some magnets on the back and stick them up on the refrigerator. Like so…

If you’re partial to Instagram you don’t have to make a complete switch to enjoy Hipstamatic. Hipsta recently added an option for users to export and share to Instagram, so your photo friends won’t miss any of your shots. Try it out and tell us what you think!

Brandye & Chris | Gaylord Palms Wedding | Corpus Christi Catholic Church | Orlando, FL

Brandye and Chris were married at the Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Celebration and had their beautiful reception at Gaylord Palms Resort. The reception featured a beautiful pink, black, and white color scheme and was dripping in crystals. Words can’t describe so check out the photos below!

Congratulations Brandye and Chris!

Joyce & Eric | Rustic Chic Wedding| Sofia Hotel | Old Venice Restaurant | San Diego Wedding Photographer

Last weekend Jvee and I went down to San Diego to celebrate the wedding of Joyce and Eric. I met Joyce in high school and we’ve somehow managed to keep in touch since then. We’ve grown closer in recent years, especially since Joyce picked up photography shortly after I did. I was happy she chose me as her photographer and that I could spend the entire day with her on her most important day (along with the other ‘friendors’)!
Part of what I love about Southern California, and what I love about San Diego in particular, is being able to get multiple types of scenery within a few miles of each other. We were able to get shots downtown, then at their rustic chic themed venue in Point Loma, and then finishing with beach shots at Sunset Cliffs. 
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis!
Venue/Catering: Old Venice Restaurant
Hair: Brook Heinen
Flowers: Pretty and Pink 
Stationery: Holly Boyd Stationery

Kristina & Ryan | Terranea Wedding | Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding Photographer

I’ve been waiting for a year to celebrate this wedding with Kristina and Ryan because, well simply put…I love them.

What was supposed to be a sunny, clear, 78 degree California day quickly turned into a foggy, windy, 60 degree day but that didn’t stop anyone from having an amazing time. Get serious, who would even notice the weather when looking at a couple this good looking?

Mozel Tov, Kris and Ry! Now go make lots of babies.

Venue: Terranea Resort – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Gown: Monique Lhuillier;  Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Coordinator: Ann Cho Lim
Florist: Larchmont Florist
Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop
Hair: Christine Liu; Makeup: Bianca – Parlour Salon
Favors: Stick & Pop
Rabbi: Rochelle Tulik

Beth & Steve | Key West Wedding | Los Angeles Photographer

I won’t even begin to tell you the story of how Steve became one of my favorite people. I will tell you that it started at a party where he took care of a very drunk 18 year old. Oh, that 18 year old was me. We bonded…for life.

When Steve told me about Beth I knew she was the one. And now that I’ve met her it’s clear that they are perfect for each other and I’m so happy for them!

Beth, an interior designer, put so much personalized detail into this wedding. She had a hand in everything from the wedding fashion, the hand-made paper flower bouquets, the favors, the tablescapes, the cake, the candy bar, the invitations, the ceremony movie previews….ahhhh so much awesomeness!!

I’m so glad to have been part of their wedding. Even though Jvee, who was a groomsman, came down with a serious case of appendicitis during/after the wedding, this is still going to be one of the best weddings we’ve been a part of. So many great memories! We love you, Kafkas!

Pet Portraits | DIY Wall Decor | Family Photos | Framing

My husband and I are proud parents to two gorgeous fur babies. These dogs are my life. They are about to turn 11 years old and I can’t imagine how all of these years would have been without them. I got them when I was 16  and they have been with me through every major event in my adult life.

Even though I take pictures for other people for a living, I don’t always feel like I take enough of my own family. When we moved into this apartment and started our plan for decorating I knew I wanted portraits of the pups. I started photographing them and loved the way these turned out – especially when framed. What I love is when you look closely you can see my reflection in their eyes. In a way it’s a picture of us together.

I picked up some Ikea frames for $30/each and prints from adoramapix.com

Framing family photos is always a great way to personalize a space. But,  if you want to give it a unique twist, try using photo editing software to crop digital pictures. You can crop to focus on different areas of the photos to create an abstract effect or even crop snapshots to give more of a portrait type feel. For these puppy portraits I used half of their faces on opposite sides to accomplish a cohesive and unique set.

I’m not sure where I want to put these yet. I’m thinking of making a grouping of frames above the sofa with our family photos and incorporating these. Or maybe above the fireplace. But for now they’re sitting on the mantle in a very unfinished living room.

Joyce & Eric | Malibu Engagement Photographer

This weekend I got to hang out with my sweet friend and fellow photography enthusiast Joyce and her fiance Eric. They came up from San Diego for a day of funshine in the sunshine and to take their much anticipated engagement photos. After almost dying with a random trip up a very windy (and winding) mountain road, we caught some great light and had a jolly good time. I seriously can’t wait for their November wedding. Five months!

Betsy & Tari

This morning I woke up with a full on cold and spent most of the day in bed – but that wasn’t going to stop me from heading out to the Griffith Park Observatory to spend some time with Betsy and Tari.

Betsy is (was) my apartment manager. Everyday when I reached my maximum tolerance of editing, I’d head out to walk my dogs and stop at her office for some chat time. Sadly, my midday chat buddy is moving back to Seattle. She and Tari decided that before they left, they wanted do their engagement session at one of LA’s most iconic locations.

I will miss her and wish them the best on their new adventure!

Location: Griffith Observatory, Griffith Park
Hair: Tate Whitney Hair Design

Carly & Sidney Wedding

Carly and Sidney – what can I say? Match made in perfectly blonde heaven. Those that know them have been waiting a long time for this wedding, and I must say it was worth the wait. Although it was hot outside and none of us were able to keep our shoes on (and I have the blisters to prove it) it was a total blast!

Their wedding was held at the Dr. Phillips House at The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne – a historic bed and breakfast in downtown Orlando, FL. They had a wonderful ceremony fit for Easter weekend and their reception featured wedding COOKIES…no cake. So clever.

I’m going to try to narrow down a few of my favorites…but it is a difficult task…let’s see how I do. The following two photos were taken by Jvee – he did an excellent job second shooting and I couldn’t have made it through the day without him:

Carly sang Ke$ha’s Tick Tok and it rocked my world.

How many is that? Oh bugger… just watch their slide show. And make sure you check out our related post about Doppleganger guests at the wedding.