Pamplemousse 75 (Grapefruit French 75) Cocktail Recipe

I’ve been on a grapefruit kick lately. I got my hands on some fresh picked grapefruits while I was staying at the Parker in Palm Springs and have been making lots of cocktails when them, because obviously that’s what one naturally does with grapefruit juice.

One of my favorite cocktails of all time is the French 75. It’s made with lemon juice, gin, champagne (or sparkling wine) and sugar. Basically all of my favorite things. Since I didn’t have any lemons but had grapefruits, I substituted one for the other. Here’s what I have dubbed the Pamplemousse 75…or something.

Pamplemousse 75 (Grapefruit French 75)To make one cocktail:

1 ounce grapefruit juice
1 ounce gin
1 teaspoon sugar
About 2 ounces champagne or sparkling wine

Combine juice, gin, sugar and ice in a shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a glass and top with about 2 ounces of champagne or sparkling wine. Add a garnish of grapefruit peel and enjoy!


Lucky finds just in time! I bought a bunch of crap last week.

Last Saturday we took our dogs to San Diego to get groomed, so of course my usual way to pass the time is to hit the antique malls in OB.

Jvee liked this. Perhaps we’ll use it to make records of stuff, but it’ll just probably get filled with dirty doodles and random notes.
Aww she’s cute

We found the most perfect Bon Ami advertisement there. As you know by now, this is my favorite cleaning product. I promptly framed it for my kitchen.

I framed it.
It’s a fruit basket. I like fruit.

On Sunday, after hitting the Larchmont Village Farmers Market, we headed up to the Topanga Vintage Market. I lucked out and caught everyone in a good mood and scored some items that go well in our place! Also scored some BH&G for my vintage magazine collection!

$20 for both. Boom.
Filled with great articles and advertisements! I’ll be looking for this lady at the next round.

It’s a small haul, but a happy haul.

We are moving! Into the apartment next door.

Our plan to move into a new apartment fell through. I mean kind of. We are still moving into a new apartment but not the one we planned on. We are, however, being ridiculous people and moving to the apartment next door. No, seriously. It’s literally next door and has the same floor plan and square footage. But it’s better! I promise there are reasons! It has a better view. I can still see the Hollywood sign but now I can also see the Griffith Park Observatory while I wash my dishes. It has better natural light since there isn’t another building and trees blocking any of it. It has a better cross breeze. I like breeze. And most importantly:

It doesn’t have carpet.

Ooooo no more carpet

And it has tile countertops and a porcelain sink.

oooo still same but different
Ooooo, white tile

I thought this was going to be easy peasy but it has been just as dumb and tiresome as moving to an entirely new building.

But, but, BUT! This gives me a chance to redecorate and feed my shopping addiction by getting new stuff for the new space! I might as well make all the changes I’d been avoiding in our old apartment. It’s coming along. We’ll officially be in by Wednesday. Hopefully…

Kristina & Ryan | Terranea Wedding | Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding Photographer

I’ve been waiting for a year to celebrate this wedding with Kristina and Ryan because, well simply put…I love them.

What was supposed to be a sunny, clear, 78 degree California day quickly turned into a foggy, windy, 60 degree day but that didn’t stop anyone from having an amazing time. Get serious, who would even notice the weather when looking at a couple this good looking?

Mozel Tov, Kris and Ry! Now go make lots of babies.

Venue: Terranea Resort – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Gown: Monique Lhuillier;  Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Coordinator: Ann Cho Lim
Florist: Larchmont Florist
Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop
Hair: Christine Liu; Makeup: Bianca – Parlour Salon
Favors: Stick & Pop
Rabbi: Rochelle Tulik

Weekend Round-up | Goodwill Goodies | Shopping

Every weekend Jvee and I stop by all of the Goodwills in our area. We’re weird like that. This weekend we caught some good red-tag (50% off) deals! We got all of these goodies for under $50! $42 to be exact.

Brand new Brita pitcher w/ filter, picture frame, box grater, resealable glass bottle; ceramic tart dish, 2 Crate & Barrel ceramic pumpkins, ceramic tea pot from World Market; 'Tea for One' set from Crate & Barrel, 2 Crate & Barrel stocking holders, Target wreath holder

I actually have one of the Crate & Barrel pumpkins already! Now I have a set of 3! We also scored a paint sprayer from Craigslist for $40. But I’ll write more about that later.

Can’t wait to knock some projects out this week!