In Memory of Our Sweet Pan

It’s been awhile since I updated. I’ve been dealing with some real life things and haven’t been able to concentrate on creating anything new.

I’m very sad to say our sweet pup, Pan, passed away peacefully in my arms last week, just two weeks away from her 19th birthday. She was my sun, and my moon, and I miss her terribly. We spent 19 years together and my heart hurts beyond measure. She brought so much joy and stability to my life. I can’t explain, but she and her brother Mango literally saved my depressed teenager life when they entered it. She went through every major moment with me from graduating high school, to meeting and getting married my husband, cross country moves, and she was even with us when we signed the papers to go into escrow on our first house the day before she passed. She must’ve known I wouldn’t have gone through with it without her. She was the best like that. The best travel buddy. Best snuggler. Best listener. She went through so much and still gave so much love. She was my baby. I bottle fed her as a pup and changed her diapers as an old lady. She was my entire day. My everything. Always in my arms. I wish I could do it all over again. She was a MIRACLE. Where ever we go when we leave our physical form, I just hope she found her brother and they’re running around like maniacs again. This is the end of an era, the greatest unselfish love I’ve ever known, and I’m going to miss it forever.
To everyone who followed along over the years and always asked about her – Thank you all for loving her over the years. It means the world.

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8 thoughts on “In Memory of Our Sweet Pan

  1. Pan was a joy to hear about and certainly watch from a distance. Her loving soul radiated through your posts and photographs. What an honor it is to be her mom. Cuz you are her mom forever. I am so so sorry for your loss. She will be missed by so many. You are in my thoughts. Take care please.

  2. So very sorry. I understand. I had my best buddy with me for nineteen years too. He was there for all the growing pains of life. We miss our family for the rest of our lives. Furry family maybe more, they are always right next to us.

  3. Im so sorry to see this. I came to your blog looking for the astrodeer and saw that you have lost your puppy, Pan. I understand the feeling and I wont say something about getting over the pain in time because I don’t know if I ever got over or even want to get over the loss of any of my pets.(When you are about to turn 56 you’ve been loved by more than a few fluffy babies.) I treasure the time they gave me, some so much longer than others, and I see that you have absolutely treasured yours. I don’t know you yet; only that you’re very talented and are a kindred spirit as we both have a thing for all things atomic, but im sending love out to you and wish you great success here and in your new home.
    Thank you for the Astrodeer! I will send a pic.

  4. I’ve learned to say, when you are grieving the loss of a furry friend or an adult you never get over it, you just go through it. Sorry for your loss. Pan will forever be in your heart.

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