DIY Gratitude List Avent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas is on and it’s time to break out the advent calendars. This year we’re doing something different with our advent calendar. In an effort to bring more positivity and gratitude into our lives, my husband and I decided to write down 25 things we’re grateful for or love about each other. Every day until Christmas we’ll flip over a card and read it. I think it’ll be really nice (and cheesy but whatever) to have those things hanging on the wall for us to see all season long.

DIY Gratitude List Advent CalendarAll I used was merchandise tags that you can get from any office supply store and washi tape.

DIY Gratitude List Advent CalendarNumber each tag one to 25 and then write your message on the back side. We divided the tags out and kept the message a secret until it’s time to flip it over and read it. I used tape to hang our tags a tree shape right on to the wall.

DIY Gratitude List Advent CalendarThis will definitely become a new tradition in our home.





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