DIY Patrón Bottle Snow Globe | The Art of Patrón

You guys! This is very exciting news. For the first time ever Patrón has a 1-liter bottle of tequila! That’s right, a whole liter of delicious tequila. The limited edition bottle is wrapped in their iconic bee design rendered in hand applied pure pewter.

Patron Bottle Snow GlobeIt’s so pretty it would be a shame to toss it out once the you’ve finished off the contents. In the spirit of the Art of Patrón I decided to turn the bottle into something else. You can use it for so many things! Put flowers in it and use it as a vase, use it to make a lantern, or do what I did…

Patron Bottle Snow GlobeDrink all of it and make a snow globe!

What You Need:

Empty Patrón bottle
Heavy duty glue or epoxy adhesive
Decorative trees (make sure they fit into the bottle opening)
Distilled water

What You Do:

Drink all of the tequila. Rinse and dry your empty bottle. Make sure the bottom is very dry so the glue sticks to the glass.

Patron Bottle Snow Globe 2

Add a hefty dollop of glue to the base of the trees.

Patron Bottle Snow Globe 3Feed the trees through the bottle opening. I used a hair clamp for help.

Patron Bottle Snow Globe 4 Once it’s in there use something like a chop stick to press it down as much as possible.

DIY Patron Bottle Snow Globe

Let the glue dry for several hours or over night. Then pour the glitter in. Use as much as you’d like. I used a hefty amount, probably about 1/2 cup.

DIY Patron Bottle Snow Globe

Mix about 6 ounces of glycerin with a liter of distilled water. Fill the Patrón bottle up to the neck of the bottle. Put glue around the cork and place it into the opening.

DIY Patron Bottle Snow Globe #ArtofPatron

Now you have an adorable snow globe to display on your bar!

This project was sponsored and made possible by Patrón, but all opinions are my own.


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