Once upon a time, I came home and there was a huge box at my door. I didn’t know what it was, because I hadn’t ordered anything, so I was kind of freaked out that a giant clown person was going to pop out and scare the guts out of me. I cautiously checked the label and hauled the big lug inside. Inside was a white molded plastic chair from INMOD. They sent it to in hopes that I could put my own spin on it and maybe dress it up a bit to make it my own personal style. Challenge accepted.

White molded chair from INMODI paced back and forth in front of the Eames style chair thinking. Then I turned my back toward it and glanced over my shoulder suddenly to see if I would see “it”. Then I talked to it, asking it to speak to me. I’M BEING SO DRAMATIC. I didn’t actually do any of that. I just let it sit around in my living room until I figured out what I wanted to do. Which came to me pretty quickly.

Since it’s plastic I knew I could easily decoupage it. I’m always inspired by Dorothy Draperesque brazilliance vibes, so I decided to use this banana print that you’ve probably seen before. (PERHAPS AS THE BACKGROUND ON THIS HERE BLOG?)

Decoupaged Palm Chair via Melodrama All I had to do was print out the pattern and use an exacto knife to cut out the leaves. Then I pieced the pattern together and glued it to the chair using decoupage medium, making sure to smooth out the bubbles, and seal with a few more coats of the medium to seal it. Decoupaged Palm Chair via MelodramaThen I spray painted the legs coral and gilded the black metal and screws. DONE!

Decoupage Banana Leaf Chair via Melodrama Voila!

Decoupaged Banana Leaf Chair via MelodramaNow it fits right in and gives me a little taste of those Brazilliant vibes.

Decoupaged Banana Leaf Chair via Melodrama


6 responses to “DIY Decor: Braziliant Decoupage Banana Leaf Chair”

  1. bothwellfarringtondesign Avatar

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    Just came across this awesome DIY decoupage delight and couldn’t help but share… We are tempted to do our own! Thanks so much @melodramablog #diy #chairenvy #getcrafty #stuffwelove #bfd

  2. runningwiththecopier Avatar

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    Great idea and it turned out so well.

  3. gusto&grace Avatar

    This is BRILLIANCE. Let us know how it holds up.

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