Home Decor: Indoor and Outdoor Plant Ideas for Non-Green Thumbs Like Myself

Up until a few months ago I was terrified of owning plants. Everything I’ve tried in the past died within weeks of me even laying a finger on it.

Then I embraced the succulent life. You can read all about that here.

Balcony Succulent Garden Planters

In fact, I’ve done so well with succulents, the damn things are even thriving and BLOOMING.

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I think my cactus is having babies

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That was once unheard of at Casa Melo.

I was feeling so confident in my new green-ish thumb that I decided it was time to bring some plant life inside. There was an awkward corner in my living room that I felt was missing something.

Apartment Living Room Craft CornerThat something was a plant. I thought some sort of palm would be best since they need very little watering and care. See guys, the secret to my new success is that I’m buying plants that actually fit my lifestyle (AKA not watering or knowing what I’m doing). A-ha! For that reason, I bought a Birds of Paradise and brought it home to live with me.

Apartment Decorating with Indoor Birds of Paradise

Ain’t she a beaut? Here’s the deal, according to the instructions at the plant store, you only have to water this baby occasionally when the soil gets dry. It requires daylight but can be kept in most rooms and moved to full sun when it needs a little extra tan time. Otherwise it’s easy! I mist mine on the leaves with a spray bottle twice per week just to keep it looking glossy and hydrated. Other than that, I barely mess with the thing.

Apartment Decorating with Indoor Birds of Paradise. Perfect indoor plant for non-green thumbs

I can’t believe what a great addition it has made in my living room. . It adds so much life to that awkward corner. If you’re wary about caring for plants, I highly recommend looking for one of these at your local garden center and bringing it home.

Now let’s see if I can learn to keep cut flowers alive for a little bit longer…

Doubt it.


2 thoughts on “Home Decor: Indoor and Outdoor Plant Ideas for Non-Green Thumbs Like Myself

  1. My wife and I just built a new patio and have been looking for ways to decorate it but we aren’t sure. I like that you use so many cacti and succulents because they are easy to care for. It is pretty dry in this area so we might have to look into doing something similar. Thanks for sharing!

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