DIY: Creep Out Your Valentine With This Hilarious DIY Valentine’s Day Card Idea

I’m going to confess right now that I’m not your typical lover of Valentine’s Day. I mean hearts are cute and I like pink enough, but I’m just not the traditional Valentine’s Day kind of girl. I am however, the kind of girl who occasionally likes to prank my friends and often likes to make a joke out of anything possible. That’s why these Valentine’s Day cards are probably my favorite to make.

Last year Jess from Letter and Ink and I made these weirdo creep-style Valentines, and this year I’m just doing my part to continue the tradition. If you want to get your creep on, just grab a stack of old magazines and get to cutting.

Hilariously Creepy DIY Valentines Day Cards

Seriously all you need is a festively colored piece of paper (red or pink preferably) and an old magazine that has as many words as possible. You’ll also need glue to, like, make it all stick of course.

Then just think about what you want to write. Poems are nice. Roses are red, violets are blue… It doesn’t take a lot, you guys. Just speak from your creepy little heart. A calm, assertive “BE MINE.” works.

Then cut out all of the little letters you need to complete your sentences. Don’t worry about cutting yourself, blood adds a nice touch. (Only kidding! Kind of…)

When you’re done you will have a colorful and adorable stalker style card for your favorite Valentine.

Hilariously Creepy DIY Valentines Day Cards


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