DIY: Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

New Years Eve is approaching and I have champagne on the mind. I took a look at a set of plain, cheap champagne flutes that I bought, and got inspired to jazz them up a bit. I wanted something glam and fun, and got the idea to use gold leaf sheets to give them a gold-flaked confetti look.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

All you need are inexpensive champagne flutes, gold leafing sheets, and adhesive. If you’re an avid crafter and champagne lover you probably already have these available.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

Decide where you want the gilding on the glass to be. I wanted a very random and imperfect, broken up pattern, as if gold flakes were floating down the glass. I painted the adhesive heavily on the parts I wanted more gilding and then used a small brush to dab glue on randomly around the glass to create smaller flakes. Let the glue dry until it’s clear and tacky.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

Then simply stick and rub the gold leaf sheets onto the glass until it sticks to the glue. Once you have all of the glue covered, use a soft brush to tap down the gold leafing and then brush away any excess.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes

Look at what a difference a little gold leaf makes.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne FlutesTo protect the gold leaf, carefully go over any gilded parts with a gold leaf sealant. Let dry completely, preferably overnight, before using and washing. You can gently hand wash in cold water with mild soap and drip dry.

DIY Gold Leafed Champagne Flutes



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