DIY: Painted Toy Bugs Make Really Cute Home Accents

We’ve all seen these kinds of lacquered or resin animals at stores popular home decor shops thought they made pretty cute tchotchkes. But did you ever think about making them yourself? I certainly did when I saw a bin full of plastic bugs and animals at Michaels. Especially a cute $6 bee!

Paint plastic bugs for a whimsical DIY home accessory


This is seriously the easiest DIY ever. I went with gloss white spray paint and gold accents. I just sprayed the entire bee with several light coats of paint and let it dry completely. Then I used a gold marker to accent the eyes and stinger.

DIY Painted bugs

DIY Painted Plastic Bugs

DIY painted plastic bugs and animals make whimsical home accentsIt’s such a cute and whimsical addition to my living room. I think I’m going to have to do a few more bugs for Halloween.

Just a little paint makes a huge difference. Here’s a before and after:

Turn plastic toy bugs into home accessories with spray paint





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