DIY: DALFRED IKEA Bar Stools Makeover | IKEA Hack

We got these DALFRED bar stools from IKEA as sort of a temporary thing. At $40 a pop they were a pretty good option and close enough to what we were looking for at the time. Eventually I got bored with them and they didn’t go with the rest of our room. I didn’t feel like buying new ones though. I had Rust-Oleum gold spray paint left over from my dresser makeover so I whipped that out and decided to jazz them up a little. 

Originally I just wanted to give a gold dipped look to the legs but ended up taking them apart to do the seat and inner ring. First, I taped off the amount I wanted to paint on the legs. I used a piece of plastic wrap to block the rest of the leg from getting overspray. You can use more tape if you want to be proper about it.

DALFRED Bar Stool Makeover

Quick Tips: 1) Spray in a well ventilated area. 2) If you get spray paint on your hands use veg oil then dish soap to get it off. 3) If you decide to paint your seat, and it’s going to get a lot of use, it’s probably a good idea to spray some sealer on it.

Anywayyyy this is how they turned out:

Ikea DALFRED makeover

I did the hardware too. Ooo lala.

gold hardwareBefore and after. It was really easy and took no time at all. The total project (for 2) runs under $100!

DALFRED Bar Stool Makeover Before & After


69 thoughts on “DIY: DALFRED IKEA Bar Stools Makeover | IKEA Hack

  1. Ahhh I’m so excited!! I needed barstools, found your site, went to ikea and did a little spray paintin’…

    And now I have gorgeous bar stools! So easy!

  2. Beautiful work! What do you think about the diameter of the seat – at 11.75 inches on the website I worry that the seats may be a little small!

    1. I definitely land in the “big butt” area of the butt size spectrum and I don’t really find these particularly uncomfortable, BUT I never sit on them for very long. Luckily they usually have them out in the store, so you can try them out before you buy!

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    1. I didn’t! I used spray paint so it covered very well. If you’re going to use a different kind of paint it won’t hurt, but the original paint isn’t a very glossy finish so it might still not be necessary. Hope that helps!

  4. hey there! I really really love this project 🙂 Almost two years later, how’s the gold paint held up on the stools? I worry that the foot rest/edges of the seat might get scratched up. But I see you applied a clear coat. Has that been sufficient?

    1. Hi! These aren’t pieces that get everyday use, but I have had to do some minor touch ups when scratches and scuffs appear. Nothing major and totally easy to maintain!

  5. Hi there! These look great! I notice you painted the centre part that screw up and down. How has the paint gone on this area? Thanks in advance!

  6. I am in love with this glam DIY! Would you mind if I included it in a round up I’m doing? I would also love to use one of your photos (but would not alter it i any way!)

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