A Holiday Gift Guide for Drunk People

Holiday Gift Guide - the drunk editionSugar and spice and everything nice…and also cocktails, brewskies, and wine. This list doesn’t need a big introduction. These are all just perfect gifts for your favorite classy drunk friends and family. Let’s get started before I pass out from testing the products.

Personalized WinesWine with Personalized Labels –  This is like a gift and greeting card in one! It’s super fun and easy to do. You go onto PersonalWine.com and pick your wine. Then you click on over to their easy to use templates where you pick and design your own custom label. Their wide selection of quality wines begins at around $20 with a free label. If you want engraving instead of a label, that’s only $15 extra They also have engraved glasses and wooden storage boxes to complete your gift! Price: $20-$1000 — www.personalwine.com

Knock Knock Wine TagsKnock, Knock Drink Wine Gift Tags – If you’re giving wine, you obviously need a gift tag. Because what kind of gift giver doesn’t include a gift tag? These tags from Knock Knock are my favorite. They say silly things like “Why you must get drunk with me…” and then you check off all the reasons like “you only live once. because we can. who needs a reason?” They come 8 to a box and are printed in great colors on good quality paper. Find them at knockknockstuff.com for $8.00

Wine oClock Apron from TeroformaWine o’Clock Apron – What time is it? WINE O’CLOCK. Since we’re on a wine kick, I should tell you guys about this wine themed apron from Teroforma. It has the cutest wine pattern you ever did see. It’s made from 100% cotton and it has a front pocket and side towel loop. So professional. Teroforma also offers tons of other accessories for wining and dining, so check them out. Snag this swag at teroforma.com for $35

Tuthilltown Spirits Whiskey KitBarrel Aged Cocktail Kit – This is for the liquor lover. This barrel aged cocktail kit includes a bottle with a barrel stave insert for maturing your favorite white cocktail with full American oak flavor. The kit also includes 3 recipes and instructions to get you started – one vodka, 2 whiskey. Hot damn. Don’t worry, stave replacements are available. Get to it. Find this one at Tuthilltown Spirits for $12.50

Royal Rose Simple SyrupRoyal Rose Simple Syrups – Oh my God. I can’t even tell you how amazing these flavored simple syrups are. You have to try them yourself and I highly recommend you do. ASAP. They have 7 wonderful flavors that can be used for anything from cocktails to baking. Even  to just drizzle over ice cream! They’re flavorful but not overpowering and you can taste and smell the purity and quality. All of the syrup is organic and handmade in small batches in Brooklyn, NY. The packaging is also a thing of beauty. Each flavor comes with its own perfect signature cocktail printed on the back. Flavors include Lavender-Lemon, Cardamom-Clove, Three Chiles, Tamarind, Rose, Raspberry, and Saffron. Collect them all. Find them at RoyalRoseSyrups.com for $11.00-$12.00 (that’s a steal!)

Shake Cocktail BookShake: A New Perspective on Cocktails Book – Since we’re talking cocktails, you need this book. Brought to us from the makers of The Mason Shaker, the book begins with Cocktail Crafting 101, which tells you everything from the how to pick the right glassware and ice to how to stock your bar and execute various mixing techniques. My favorite thing about this book is that it’s categorized by SEASONS. It’s also pretty enough to display on your bar table. Two very drunk thumbs up. Find it at MasonShaker.com for $25

Molecul-R Margarita Margarita R-evolution by Molecule-R – I’m both creeped out and intrigued by molecular gastronomy. Now they’re throwing molecular mixology at me and I don’t really know how to feel about a margarita that looks like an egg. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying this myself yet, but my scientist friend Claire did a pretty thorough testing of her own that you can read over at xoJane.com. I think this makes a cool gift though. The packaging is really good and it seems like a fun project all around. It comes with some pretty nifty tools and enough ingredients for a few tries. Plus you can get pretty wasted after all the scientific fun so woooo! Find it at Molecule-R for $30

Brooklyn Brew Shop DIY BeerBeer Making Kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop– We can’t forget about beer! Homebrewing is all the rage and my Instagram feed is proof. This kit has it all. Each one comes with your choice of brew, a 1 gallon fermenter, 3 piece chambered airlock, screw top stopper, thermometer, plastic tubings and clamp, racking cane, and sanitizer. Brooklyn Brew Shop offers 8 flavors of brew mixes from IPAs to Ales. Brew virgin? Don’t worry, they’ve got a great video on brewing to help you through your brewing journey. I haven’t tried this myself but it came highly recommended. My BFF is going to test it once I wrap it up and give it to her (Merry Christmas, Erica!). She’s the budding brewmaster here. Find the kits at Brooklyn Brew Shop for $40.00

Target Gold Bar CartThreshold Wood and Brass Bar Cart – Where is one expected to put all this new stuff? Obviously a bar cart is in order. This snazzy thing is from Target. I was on a long hunt for a bar cart like this for well over a year but wasn’t ready to shell out $600. When I saw this and its price tag, I had to have it. I grabbed it before it sold out in West Hollywood (<rant>because everyone with good taste shops there and it’s annoying because they buy everything before me </rant>), but maybe you’ll luck out and find it at your local Target for the bargain price of $130.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a drunk night!


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