Pet Lover’s Gift Guide 2013

During gift giving season you can’t forget the fur babies! I love giving my dogs gifts. They get really excited…probably because I’m so excited but whatever, we enjoy it. I’ve picked out some nifty things to get for that special furry member of your family. I’m talking about your pet of course…

Let’s start with the dogs:

Every dog owner I know has toys laying all over their house or shoved into dog bed in the corner of the room. This includes myself. I’m always like ahhh we need a toy box! Well check out these hemp toy storage baskets from Harry Barker. They’re totally perfect for holding all of the toys and they’re not cheesy or tacky. They’re also coated on the inside for easy cleaning. Find them at Harry Barker for $38

My dogs love bath time! I’ve tried my fair share of shampoos on them. This shampoo is my favorite. It’s made with essential oils so it soothes their itchy skin and makes them smell amazing. After the first use my pups felt great and didn’t scratch at all throughout the entire night or following days. It’s made in the USA, is eco-friendly, and is not tested on animals. Also worth mentioning – the customer service is superb. This gift set comes with a 16oz bottle of shampoo, a microfiber towel, and an adorable tote. Find it at Dogtails for $32. Use the promo code MELODRAMA to receive 20% off your order until 12/31/13!

This book by holistic pet chef Christine M. Filardi is a great gift for anyone that needs a little help understanding how to spoil their dog but keep them healthy. It’s full of yummy recipes for home cooked meals and treats. I’ve had a lot of fun reading this book and looking at the adorable pictures. This new year we’re going to start incorporating and transitioning our 13 year old dogs over to Christine’s menu to alleviate allergies and tummy issues we’ve struggled with in the past, so you’ll see me mentioning and sharing her recipes from time to time. If you or someone you know is interested in doing the same, definitely pick this book up. You can find it at Abrams Books or Anthropologie for $19.95.

This year I’ve been fortunate enough to see a couple of new rescues join the families of those I care about. Help your favorite rescue celebrate with a handcrafted, USA made accessory from Found My Animal. Found My Animal’s mission is simple and they donate to many rescues around the country. This dog bed is handcrafted in Brooklyn and made from canvas and marine grade rope. The insert is made from 100% USA recycled foam rubber. Pick this girl scout green one up on for $170

Custom Dog Plush

Last on the list of perfect dog gifts are these custom stuffed dog toys. They take a photo of your dog and turn them into the most perfect little replica. They also have toys based on actual shelter pups that need to ‘adopted’. These are made in the USA from pure merino wool and proceeds go to support shelters and rescues. Pick up a gift certificate for your favorite dog lover or create your own order at The Shelter Pups.

Now for the cats! I don’t know much about cats but I have my fair share of cat ladies in my life so I have an idea of what’s hip in cat land.

Like this DJ Cat Scratch Turntable. Your cat will be spinnin’ dope beats in no time. Made from 100%  carboard so no records are harmed. Find it at PerpetualKid for $37.00.

Looking for kitty stocking stuffers? From the Field’s Purrrfect Deluxe Gift Set comes with 2 hemp cat toys, organic cat nip spray, and a cork ball. Cat lovers love this brand! Find this set at OnlyNaturalPet for $16.99.

Do your cats chew on your plants? Are you looking for an indoor kitty garden? SmartCat’s Edible Garden is the way to go. The box is totally cute, too. This looks great in any kitchen and refills are easy to pop in and out when needed. Find it on Amazon for $13.95

Check out hear cool things! They’re called CattyStacks. They’re stackable cardboard boxes that create the ultimate cat house. You can change them up so your cat never gets bored of exploring. Pick up some of their tunnels too! They’re made from industrial strength corrugated, recycled cardboard and built to last. Find them at CattyStacks for $14.99.


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