Fun Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas for Adults and Kids

I’m one of those people that believes presentation adds to the experience of food. Paper plates are a no-go and place settings are important, especially on holidays! Proper place settings don’t have to feel too formal, though. Here are some ideas that will add some fun to your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas

When setting the table we usually just lay the utensils out next to the plate and it’s go time. Mix it up by putting some ribbon around them. It’s like getting a present before the meal. No need to go out and get those little salt and pepper shakers for everyone. Nut shells work just as well and are totally adorable and clever. Fun Thanksgiving Place Settings

Remember being a kid and getting activities to do at the table? Adults can enjoy that while they patiently wait for their food, too! I mean who doesn’t love a good word search to keep your mind off of their empty stomach? Another fun thing to do is have your guests write down what they’re thankful for and the host can read them aloud at the end of dinner. These are both great ways of adding a little fun into your elegant place settings.

kids table colored pencils
Valley and Co. Lifestyle

Speaking of kids! Is there anything better than drawing at the table? Nope. It keeps the kids seated and interacting with each other. For your kids’ table, skip the crayons and get these amazing colored pencils that look like branches from World Market. Throw some kraft paper down as a placemat and give them free reign to draw whatever they want. It doesn’t just have to be for the kids. This could be used for the adults’ table too!


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