DIY: Microwavable Rice Heating Pad

Owwwwie!! Ouch. I hurt. Why? Because I sprained my back doing ballerina stretches on my kitchen counter like a cool guy. I can’t bend, sit, lift, or do anything you do in normal life without pain. On top of all that, I broke my gallbladder and it needs to be removed, soooo I really need to get my back in working order STAT. Heat always helps my frequent aches and pains disappear so I’m always using my heating pad for something. Cramps, pulled muscles, tension headaches, etc etc etc. You name it. Even my abnormally low body temperature benefits from a heating pad from time to time.

I haven’t used an electric heating pad since mine got run over by a semi-truck after a road trip luggage accident a few years ago. One night I was in need of a heating pad and in a pinch went back to something I remembered from when I was younger. I had a toothache a family friend told us about making heat packs since our heating pad wasn’t comfortable on my face. She recommended trying salt but that was a dirty lie and the sock/salt combo that I tried burned up in the microwave. My mom was pretty mad. Anyway, I tried the rice version and it worked! It’s awesome and molds to your body so the heat really gets into the contours (and I have plenty hehehe). It’s also cordless so no annoying cords get in the way and it only costs pennies to make. You can use a sock, a pillow case, or make your own pouch as I demonstrate below.

All you need is fabric and rice.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

Cut your fabric (I use muslin) to the size you want. This one is for my lumbar and pelvic area so it’s about 10″x5″. Sew together at the sides leaving one end open. Turn it inside out so your seams are facing inside.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

Mix a few drops of your favorite scented oils into your rice. Without the oil the rice can smell rather…well…ricey when heated.

Cedarwood Oil *sniifffff*
Cedarwood Oil *sniifffff*

Fill the muslin pouch with the rice. Be careful not to over pack it. You want it to still be flexible to mold to your body. Sew up the open edge.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

 You can leave it just like this or you can make a cute changeable/washable pouch for it, like I prefer to do.

Cut fabric pieces 1/2 inch larger than your muslin pouch on each side. Fold over open ends and sew.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

Fold over a few inches on one side.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

Then bring right sides together and sew bottom and side edges together.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

Turn it right-side out and it’ll look like this.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

Finish turning it right-side out and you’ll see you’ve created an envelop pouch! It’s like a small pillowcase for your rice pad.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

Slip your rice pad in it like a rice-y little pillow.

DIY Rice Heating Pad

Microwave it 30 seconds at a time until it’s as hot as you want it. I usually heat mine for 60-90 seconds and the heat lasts around 30-60 minutes until I feel the need to reheat it. The weight from the pack helps the heat really sink it, so PLEASE be careful not to make it too hot the first time you use it. I don’t need hate mail about how you burned yourself. Just kiddingggg. Now go enjoy your DIY heating pad!

DIY Rice Heating Pad

7 thoughts on “DIY: Microwavable Rice Heating Pad

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    1. I’ve been doing some research online and it says that rice outside of an airtight container can last 6-12 months before it starts to smell funky/spoils. I’ve personally got a rice pad for Christmas over a year ago, and it still smells fine… don’t get me wrong, it smells “ricey”, though. The oil scent has completely gone away. So basically change the rice/oil as often as you feel the need to. ❤️

  2. Maybe add a small pocket to the outside of the rice bag. Use a cotton ball with scent. Maybe after the pad dries, place it and the scented cotton ball in an airtight container? It will discolor, but if you use a colorful cover then it won’t matter.

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