Goodbye, Dexter Morgan. My quick thoughts on the final days of Dexter.


So, tonight is the final episode of Dexter. (Which I can’t even watch until next week because my husband is in the Bahamas and has forbidden me. Rude.) I’m way bummed but not only in the typical season finale way. I’m bummed about how this show is ending, so far at least. I had really high hopes for this season, but every Dexter fan knows and admits that seasons have never been consistent.  Something keeps us going back though. They always pull something out of the bag to reel us back in. I just wanted to see so much more from this final round. I wanted to see more focus on the original crew and how they factor into the end of Dex .


I thought he was going to teach Zach the ways of the code. That Zach would continue on the Bay Harbor Butcher legend. THEN HE FUCKING DIED.  Then I thought OK. OK. I get it. They’re going to play the angle of Vogel being the end of Dexter because, really, she was the beginning of him. She created him. She created the code. It makes sense. Poetic even. But then SHE FUCKING DIED TOO. Now fuck all is happening. I have absolutely no emotional investment in Hannah. I want to see Deb, Joey, Masuka, and Angel. I want to be on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen to these people I love.  Ok fine, Episode 11 has me on edge, so I’m hoping they blow our minds with this next one. Plus this finale is really being overshadowed by the pure genius madness that is happening over on the final days of Breaking Bad. We’ll get to that later. God I love TV.

Head over to That Weird Science to see what my friend Deandra has to say and check out her awesome Dexter highlights.

EDIT: I finally watched the least episode. I took me a few days to process how I feel about it. I’m still feeling mixed. Sadly I still feel the show lost itself and this finale came two seasons too late. I’m going to quote my best friend, since she had some good points worth sharing:

“I liked it. Not my favorite series finale but I don’t understand what everyone was up in arms about. I mean it was good. he completed a final kill without getting caught, he buried his sister (in a creepy way but still), then he reverted back to being a recluse as he should be like the Dexter we knew from the beginning. He’s a serial killer, he’s not supposed to end up with the love of his life and child in a gorgeous fucking country. He would be alone working in a lumber yard. He did the right thing. OK I’m done.”

What did you guys think?


One thought on “Goodbye, Dexter Morgan. My quick thoughts on the final days of Dexter.

  1. I still have 3 episodes of this season to watch, mainly because it just hasn’t been a good season. Like the last 3 seasons really. I will watch because I want to see what happens, but just felt that with this being the final season they would of really upped their game! Hope they do for the final ever episode!

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