Lucky finds just in time! I bought a bunch of crap last week.

Last Saturday we took our dogs to San Diego to get groomed, so of course my usual way to pass the time is to hit the antique malls in OB.

Jvee liked this. Perhaps we’ll use it to make records of stuff, but it’ll just probably get filled with dirty doodles and random notes.
Aww she’s cute

We found the most perfect Bon Ami advertisement there. As you know by now, this is my favorite cleaning product. I promptly framed it for my kitchen.

I framed it.
It’s a fruit basket. I like fruit.

On Sunday, after hitting the Larchmont Village Farmers Market, we headed up to the Topanga Vintage Market. I lucked out and caught everyone in a good mood and scored some items that go well in our place! Also scored some BH&G for my vintage magazine collection!

$20 for both. Boom.
Filled with great articles and advertisements! I’ll be looking for this lady at the next round.

It’s a small haul, but a happy haul.

3 thoughts on “Lucky finds just in time! I bought a bunch of crap last week.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      It depends on what stores are in your area but you can get Bon Ami powder at Target, Kmart, and some other grocery and health food stores for around $1 per can! The entire line of products can be purchased on Amazon or through the Bon Ami website as well.

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