We are moving! Into the apartment next door.

Our plan to move into a new apartment fell through. I mean kind of. We are still moving into a new apartment but not the one we planned on. We are, however, being ridiculous people and moving to the apartment next door. No, seriously. It’s literally next door and has the same floor plan and square footage. But it’s better! I promise there are reasons! It has a better view. I can still see the Hollywood sign but now I can also see the Griffith Park Observatory while I wash my dishes. It has better natural light since there isn’t another building and trees blocking any of it. It has a better cross breeze. I like breeze. And most importantly:

It doesn’t have carpet.

Ooooo no more carpet

And it has tile countertops and a porcelain sink.

oooo still same but different
Ooooo, white tile

I thought this was going to be easy peasy but it has been just as dumb and tiresome as moving to an entirely new building.

But, but, BUT! This gives me a chance to redecorate and feed my shopping addiction by getting new stuff for the new space! I might as well make all the changes I’d been avoiding in our old apartment. It’s coming along. We’ll officially be in by Wednesday. Hopefully…


2 thoughts on “We are moving! Into the apartment next door.

  1. You get to skip one big step- looking at different moving companies to find the right fit! That’s where we are in the whole process right now- my boyfriend and I are moving at the end of the summer. I’m jealous that you get to carry your stuff right next door.

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