DIY: Paper Snowflake Tutorial

I’m a paper snowflake making machine!!!! I learned how to make these in elementary school, somewhere between hand stamping gift wrap with cut potatoes and learning how to temper chocolate for chocolate covered pretzels. I went to a very creative school. Jvee makes fun of me, BUT IT MADE ME WHO I AM. Anyway, I’m excited to string these all over my apartment!

Here is how to make paper snowflakes using standard letter size paper in 8 easy steps.


1. Start with standard letter paper. Like the kind that is in your printer.

2. Fold down the top right corner of the paper, making a triangle. Don’t worry about the excess yet.

3. Fold the left top corner down.

4. Cut off the excess paper, making a triangle. When unfolded, this is a square folded into diagonal quarters.

5. Fold your triangle into thirds.

6. Cut off the excess, making another triangle.

7. Cut your desired shape.

8. Unfold and see your creation! I like to iron mine with a low setting to make them crisp flat.

Paper Snowflakes

Experiment with different cuts and shapes to create a flurry of unique snowflakes. Remember no two are alike! Glitter or flock them for some texture and sparkle. String them into garlands or use them as ornaments on your tree! They go great with our vintage woodlands theme. ❤

Paper snowflakes


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