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Ahhh! Remember a long time ago I said I was really excited to show you what I’d been working on for my dining room? And then I never did? Wellllll, last week my husband was in Hawaii for work and I was at home sick, so in my lonely state I finally decided to take some photos of the finished products…and upload them…and get on here to write this. PRODUCTIVE!

Anyway, let’s start with the chairs

Before & After

I found these 2 chairs on Craigslist at $30 for the pair. These weird guys in a hoarder’s style apartment only had the two and Jvee was hesitant about the arm situation (and the entire situation in general) but I made him trust me like always.

I ripped the old, disgusting fabric off to reveal a surprisingly clean and plush foam underneath. Yay, no need to replace it!  I vacuumed it and covered it with a piece of new batting. I used my trusty staple gun to secure it in place.

Using the same method, cover the seat with your new fabric and secure with staples. When in doubt, use the old fabric as a template or cut a bigger piece to be safe, and trim it once it’s on. Start at the middle of each side and work your way around, paying special attention to the corners.

I got this indoor/outdoor canvas fabric at Joann’s Fabrics for something ridiculously cheap after coupons. I can’t remember exactly, but something like $7/yd. Got to love those coupons! 1 yard was more than enough to cover these 2 chairs.

On to the frame! We took the arms off of the armed chair and filled the holes in with wood filler. Cleaned them well and sanded down any bumps. We primed and painted the chair frame using Safecoat Natural’s white paint in their pearl finish, and sealed it all in and made it glossy with their Arcylaq clear coat. I’ll tell you why I chose to try this paint in a later post.

Pop the seat back on and there you go!


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