DIY: Mirror Makeover Faux Finishing with Metallic Paints

Oh, hi there old friends. It has been awhile. I have been hoarding items for months waiting for the perfect time to paint, upholster, and blog. Summer is rough for me. My attention span is short and the weather is hot. We’ve been in the middle of an intense heat wave that is making my brain melt. I have a few projects on hold because 100 degree weather is not ideal painting conditions. Ok, enough excuses. Here is my latest.

Gold to Silver: The Story of a $20 Craigslist Mirror


A lot of you are probably like “Ummm, what was wrong with the gold?”. Nothing was wrong with it. It just wasn’t what I needed. Perfect for my bedroom, but completely wrong for my dining room. But for $20, I couldn’t pass it up!



I rummaged through my paint drawer and found any blue, grey, and silver hues I could find. It’s all about layering!


I covered the gold with a coat of a light blueish/greenish/grayish latex paint. This is the base of my cool toned silver.


Then I started layering on some grays. I lightly brushed on a taupe-y chalk paint and a grey acrylic. Always add a little at first and build on from there.


Next, I needed to add some age and bring out the details of the mirror frame. I used a metallic glaze by Martha Stewart Paints in the color Black Coffee. I applied this to the grooves and the nooks of the carvings using a small brush.


Use a bigger, dry brush to lightly blend as you go along.


Now it was time to bring it to life with metallics. I used Martha Stewarts Metallic Paint in the color Polished Silver. Brush it on lightly, using small amounts, being careful not to completely cover the detail work from the previous step. Layer until your desired coverage is achieved.

This is the point where I wanted to add a little bit of warmth to it. It was looking a little too silver and new, so I wanted to add some more of a tarnished, antique feel.


I used Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in the color Golden Pearl. It’s the perfect champagne, pearl tone to complete the subtle, antiqued, silver look I was going for. I lightly brushed it on, paying special attention to the detailed corners and blended it out with a big dry brush.


Let it dry thoroughly before handling, to make sure all of the layers are dry and set. Use a scrubby sponge or spatula to gently remove any dried paint from the glass. And done!


Jvee snapped a little peek of it hanging in our dining room. Stay tuned for the rest of the projects!




7 thoughts on “DIY: Mirror Makeover Faux Finishing with Metallic Paints

  1. The mirror looks great…exactly the finish I am hoping to achieve with some sunburst sconces I purchased on clearance from z gallerie. Would it be possible for you to post the names of the paints you used? thank you!

  2. I have recently acquired a huge (43″x66″) vintage mirror. It is currently a beautiful deep gold but that color does not work for me. There is a lot of detail in this piece and it is so unique that I’m scared to work on it. I would like to make it an antique, but still shiny silver piece for my bedroom. I would love it if you could take a look at my piece and give me some advice. I love your work on this piece, it’s stunning! You can email me and I’ll send you a picture. Thanks 🙂

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