DIY: Easy Sew Accent Pillows

I’ve been working on an upholstery project and ended up with some pretty sizable leftover pieces of fabric. I hated the thought of them going to waste! I remembered I had a bag of polyfill sitting on my closet, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to make accent pillows. This project is super simple and takes about 20 minutes if you have a sewing machine handy.

First, you need to two pieces of fabric, cut to whatever size you want your pillow to be.

Next, fold one edge of each of your fabric pieces down 5/8in and press with an iron. Pin fabric with right sides together, leaving the end with the folded edges open. Sew around edges with a 5/8in seam allowance.

Turn your pillowcase right side out and push out corners and press edges with an iron. Fill with your desired amount of polyfill stuffing.

Lastly, you’ll need to slip stitch the open end for a clean, finished look.

Voila! Totally easy and fabulous accent pillows!


6 thoughts on “DIY: Easy Sew Accent Pillows

    1. Thank you! I used a 12oz bag for both pillows, so 6oz each. The pillows measure at about 27Lx13W. Hope that helps!

      Thanks again 🙂

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