Antique Malls & Flea Markets. It’s An Addiction.

How did I get this toasty sunburn, you ask?

We spent the weekend at some fabulous resort where we were having too much fun to worry about sunblock. Just kidding! Even better. I got it while antiquing! It was a total accident and I’m kind of mad I didn’t take better precautions and plan our outings better. Oopsie daisy! Whatever, it was an awesome weekend and I want to do it again…when my skin is back to a normal, less fiery color.

We had to spend all of Friday out of the apartment because our bathroom counter was getting this fume-y, toxic-y, slow drying coating put on it. Pasadena is where we ended up. I heard good things about some antique stores so we headed over and scoped a few out.

The Pasadena Antique Mall (not to be confused with the Pasadena Antique Center) was pretty big with a lot of things I feel like I might find in my mom’s hoarder-style garage. But, they let us bring our dogs inside and we carefully went through every aisle. We were on the hunt for accessories and sewing stuff for me, while Jvee, the heavy drinker libations enthusiast was searching for barware. I succeeded. He did not.

Vintage Yellow Gloves $12
Rose (4) and Teal (6) Buttons $5

After lunch we stopped by the Father of the Bride house. One of my favorite houses of all time. Swooooon!

And Don and Betty Draper’s house is around the corner. Sans red door.

Afterward we still had tons of time to kill so we stopped by Pasadena Antique Center. It doesn’t look like much when you first walk in but it goes on forever. We didn’t even make it up to the second floor and we rushed through before closing time, but Jvee found this amazing cocktail manual from the 1930’s! The dust jacket was looking a little raggedy but I’m glad the cover matches our living room color scheme.

1930’s cocktail manual $25

The next day we headed down to San Diego to get our dogs groomed so we visited Kobey’s Flea Market. We almost walked away with a baby tortoise but other than that it was a wash. We made it over to the Ocean Beach Antique District though. Score! Too bad we showed up late because most shops were closed. But, we spent a good amount of time at the Newport Avenue Antique Center. There were so many great things to look at and Jvee scored a set of 4 crystal California cocktail glasses from the 60’s for $12.

Vintage Kitchenware at Newport Avenue Antique Center

On Sunday we headed over to the Long Beach Antique Market. Sadly it’s only held monthly but it’s HUGE. We spent four hours in the beating sun without even realizing it. It was awesome. I can’t even list all of the things we had to hold ourselves back from buying. Absurd. I lucked out and found a replacement for my broken milk glass vase for $5. Jvee got a set of 6 etched cocktail glasses from the 60’s for $15 and 2 vintage Dior ties for a total of $7.

Etched cocktail glasses (6) $15; California cocktail glasses (4) $12; vintage Dior ties (2) $7

We can’t wait to go back with more cash and lots of sunscreen! Stay tuned for the next installment of Thrifting with The Melos…


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