Planning My DIY Weekend | Dining Room Projects

I’m sitting here waiting for the flooring men to finish installing new floors in my apartment. I’m itching for them to get done so I can clean. Not only because I just heard one of them pee in my toilet and exit without washing his hands, but also so I can set up for our DIY project. It’s way past due and we need a place to sit while we eat. I finished this dining table weeks ago but I’m waiting until the room is done to reveal the ‘after’.

So, finally, we’re doing our DIY banquette seat and rehabbing some chairs I found on Craigslist.

I’ve had the idea and materials for months but am just now prepared to make it happen. Especially since the new floors are laid and the chandelier is up, I’m motivated.

Whenever I bring up a new project to Jvee, I have to be equipped with visuals and a few reference photos. Here is some of my banquette inspiration:

Stay tuned for our dining room experience!

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