Polyvore Obsession | Virtual Dressing Room | Online Shopping

So, Polyvore! I kind of get obsessed with things that allow me to look at pretty things. Blogs, Flickr, Pinterest, and now Polyvore.

There are specific reasons why I love this concept! First, remember paper dolls? Those were fun. This is like a digital, better version of that. With real clothes that you can buy. And second, I love shopping. I don’t always like online shopping. But now I have my own little virtual dressing room to match up outfits and accessories. Granted, I still don’t know how something is going to look on me, but it gives me a visual for what is going to look good as an ensemble. Sometimes I start with items I already own and build on with the new items I’m looking for. It also helps me cut my search time down by having a pretty good gallery of options to browse through.

Here are some outfits that I’ve put together for spring. Even though I probably won’t be buying all of these items specifically, I will be keeping an eye out for substitutions.

Spring Fling
Weekend Wear

Give it a try. I’d love to see your creations!


3 thoughts on “Polyvore Obsession | Virtual Dressing Room | Online Shopping

  1. I would love to wear that dress for summer, and chiffon/silk shirts like the one in the second outfit is so popular these days. All three looks are great ! 🙂

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