Oh snap! | Hipstamatic | iPhone Photography

Anyone that owns an iPhone (and now Droid) probably knows about Instagram. I’m sure you’ve also seen the internet buzzing about Facebook’s acquisition of it. Most of you have probably used the app yourselves or have at least had your interest peeked by the buzz. Because of the 8 megapixels and post processing applications, iPhone photography has become a photography genre of it’s own. My husband, in particular, has become a master at it. He has assisted me with photographing weddings before, so he has the practice and possesses talent. But it has become a running joke that he’s better with his phone than a real camera.

That being said, Jvee doesn’t like Instagram. Well, he doesn’t mind it, but he prefers Hipstamatic. And it’s not because he’s some elitist hipster that is upset they sold-out to Droid and Facebook. It’s rather a preference for versatility, control, and even the unpredictability.

Check out some of my favorite shots that he has taken with Hipstamatic:

And he can be sneaky with it, too. He always catches me without my knowing it.

The cool thing about Hipstamatic is the ability to switch “films”, “lenses”, “cases” and “flashes” within the application’s “camera bag”. This results in multiple unique possibilities for each photograph. You can save your favorite combinations for later use. You can even elect to randomize the effects. The app isn’t free like Instagram but having gotten tired using the same Instagram filters over and over, I’m fine sparing 2.99 (+ .99 each film pack) for some variety.

Another thing he likes about Hipstamatic is the Hipstamart. You can send your photos to their photolab to be printed in a variety of sizes. We’ve done this a couple of times and have loved the results.

These are the 4in print pack @ 9 prints for $5.

One of the things we like to do with our prints (besides frame them like this) is slap some magnets on the back and stick them up on the refrigerator. Like so…

If you’re partial to Instagram you don’t have to make a complete switch to enjoy Hipstamatic. Hipsta recently added an option for users to export and share to Instagram, so your photo friends won’t miss any of your shots. Try it out and tell us what you think!

5 thoughts on “Oh snap! | Hipstamatic | iPhone Photography

  1. I love the photos! I use Retro Camera for Droid, but I’m thinking of changing to Hipstamatic after seeing these shots. You look Mad Men-O-Rific in that image of you in the mirror. Tres chic!

  2. I actually use both Hipstamatic and Instagram, but more more the latter than the former. The problem with Hipstamatic to me is that there are so many combinations of lenses, film and flash, that you forget what does what. You can’t bring in a photo to Hipstamatic and process it using various combinations. With Instagram, it’s like the quick draw, you take the picture and then find the look you like from the available filters. If I can bring in an image from my library into Hipstamatic, I probably wouldn’t have gone to Instagram to start with.

  3. I’ve used both, and I think they are both good, but excel at different things. Hipstamatic is a much more pure photography app, while Instagram is more of a photo-sharing/social network app with a stylistic angle.

    One of the things I enjoy about Hipstamatic is that it endeavors to simulate an old, film camera experience, but this can also be a drawback for some. I really enjoy the square format, and not being in complete control of the result. Back in the day, when we shot film, you were often pleasantly surprised or disappointed when you got your pictures back from the lab.

    I’d agree that the amount of choice within Hipstamatic is becoming overwhelming, but the new “favorites” feature tames that to a large degree. I have a handful of combinations I always use, so I can quickly pull them up and have a good idea of what I’m going to get.

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