Home Decor: How to Choose and Arrange Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers…sigh. Nothing makes me feel better and my home feel more put together. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, I suggest checking out your local flower district. If you don’t have a district go check out your local flower marts or farmers markets. In downtown Los Angeles we’re lucky to have a pretty fantastic flower district. You simply can’t beat the quality and price. Supermarket flowers in no way compare! Adding the element of fresh greenery is the perfect way to brighten up a room.

Brighten a Room with Flowers

I picked up this bunch of hydrangeas on Monday at one of my favorite spots along Wall St. 5 stems for $8! They don’t come in fancy packaging or with packets of weird floral food. Just a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers wrapped in newspaper. Once they’re in a vase atop a pretty piece of furniture it doesn’t matter. Throughout the week they have gotten more beautiful and fragrant!


I used a $2 glass vase that I got at Goodwill (score!). The rounded curves of the vase compliment the roundness of the hydrangeas and the skinny neck of the vase keeps the stems close together for a fuller look all while using less flowers! This type of vase is perfect for all of my favorite flowers – peonies, hydrangeas, juliette roses, and dahlias.


The flowers make a big difference in this semi-mono-chromatic corner of my living room. Not only did I pick hydrangeas because I adore them but it compliments everything that is in relation to it.

-Consider shape! The table, frames, and lamp shade all have hard edges – adding the soft shapes from the flower arrangement makes it all more cohesive and less boring while also tying in the softness of the accent chair.

-Consider color! The green and yellow hues from the flowers compliment the blues, whites, blacks, and greys around it with just enough contrast. Adding red roses would be too much contrast but adding blue hydrangeas, even though technically a complimentary color, wouldn’t be enough contrast.

-You can’t really go wrong with a classic, clear, glass vase but I chose it in this instance because I didn’t want it to feel heavy on the table. Glass has an open, airy, unobtrusive vibe to it. Considering there is already a framed piece and lamp displayed, anything other than clear glass would make the table feel cluttered. The glass also adds a reflectiveness to the room and is having a ‘conversation’ with the other reflective surfaces around it. The nailheads, glass knobs on the table, the glass from the frames, and silver accents of the hardware are all shining in harmony!

Now, you can try to follow all of these ‘rules’ and try to pick things strategically but you don’t want to take the fun out of shopping for flowers. The main thing is to pick things you like! Pick ones that make you smile. Try new things you think you might not like, too! Move arrangements around! The great thing is that flowers are not permanent. You’re not committing to anything long term. If you don’t like the way they look, put them in a new place and replace them when it’s time! Or give them to a friend as a gift!

See you next week, xoxo!


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